WFF Thanks for the memories. I'm stepping down as a moderator

Jerry Daschofsky

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This has been coming for awhile now. A few months ago actually. I've spent years being a moderator. @Chris Scoones recruited me almost instantly as a mod. Thought it was 18 years, but that's when I almost broke my back originally, I didn't join board until a couple years later when I was stuck at home. It's been an up and down ride. I've had to play sheriff a long time. I've ran Hoh Downs, met numerous people. Helped a lot of military and veterans. Met some of my best friends here. Chris and I have talked for months, I haven't been happy moderating and it's time to move on. I'll still be a member, just an average every day Joe. Time to pass the torch on to someone else. So starting tomorrow I'll no longer moderate. The board has changed and time to change the moderators too. Chris has agreed with this decision.

Thanks to all who have helped by reporting posts over the years. It always helps us out. No way a moderator, especially myself working alone, can cover every post and work 50+ hour weeks. I did really appreciate the help. @KerryS I think you single handedly helped guide me to potential hotspot posts. Seriously, you helped me a lot. @Josh as well. You were my political post watch dog. So many others as well.

Thanks again!


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Well Jerry you certainly have earned a vacation from the trouble and hassle. Ironically, just a few hours ago Stream and I were texting about how much time you must put in to keeping the peace here. I know I speak for many; we have certainly appreciated it...and to Chris for keeping it up and running all these years.

I'm happy to say I don't think I ever had to report anyone and I hope nobody had to report on me.

I hope you find more time to fish now that your moderating duties are over.

Thanks and best of luck. You certainly deserve it.


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Jerry -
Thanks You!

Enjoy your "freedom"! Seriously you should take pride in doing an excellent job over an extended period of time in what at times most have been very difficult. Collectively dealing with us collectively as group must have been much like "herding cats". The long term success of this site which has to be one of the premier fishing sites in the country is in large part due to the unsung work of the site support group (Chris, mods. ).


Jim Ficklin

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Thank you for all of your contributions and hard work, Jerry. You played a significant role as part of the solid foundation of WFF. You made it a fun place to visit. I wish you the absolute very best. Though I only met you one time, I am proud to consider you a friend.

Jeremy Floyd

Thanks Jerry, you have been greatly appreciated.

I see fewer and fewer of the folks I consider to be “core” anymore, and not having much interest with whatever Folks I’ve never heard of are doing, so I just don’t read or contribute much anymore.

The board has changed over the last few years, and it isn't ever going to change back. It’s more about quantity than quality now. You were one of the guys who held this stuff at bay. I appreciate the years of it.