What The Hail???

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Here in Butte, we have been getting lots of rain. But no hail that has fallen in the daylight hours.


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WOW! @b_illymac mentioned the storm in our part of the Basin; a little rain, shifting winds and lots of lightning with only one little blip on the lights. My wife and I were hoping for lots of rain..... just sprinkled.


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A friend posted a pic on FB yesterday...
3”-6” of hail on the ground in Tumalo, OR
Looked like it “Snowed in August”

Yesterday evening, there was so much rain where we were at, it looked liked the monsoon rains in Tucson, AZ!!!

Crazy August for sure.

Jim Ficklin

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it poured here!
Poured here also, no wind, no hail and most of the aerial fireworks to the SE of us. I met a Nephew & his wife in Ritzville yesterday morning; we had a nice visit & exchanged a few gifts. They had stayed in E-Burg the night before, so missed the storm & funnel cloud there and were safely through St. Regis before the golf balls started falling. Timing is everything. I told him to buy a lottery ticket today since his luck is running strong . . .

Old Man

A very Old Man
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Had a hail storm this morning. The hail was only about the size of a dime. Didn't last very long. But then it sky's opened up and it poured rain. It's been dark here all day today with rain off and on. It feels like an early fall.


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We had a pretty cool hail and wind storm here in Ellensburg yesterday. Opened up the front door and had hail wind up all over our kitchen floor...and our front porch is covered. That was a first, let alone in August. I think we had three consecutive days of rain, which is nice. I hope we get more before the month is over.

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