What The Hail???


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The highest temp predicted here in the NE corner in the 15 day forecast is only 84 with several days in the 70's and every night in the 50's. That doesn't sound like mid August to me but I'll sure take it. Most years August is in the high 80's to mid 90's. Maybe the lakes will cool early....

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As Ive says, makes the puny hail from my original post look like mousenuts.:D
Damn - I don't think that trees would have saved you from those! Those probably had some fairly high terminal velocity. The biggest US stone on record is around 18" and somewhere around 1-1/2#. I'd guess the ones pictured were in the neighborhood of 3 - 6 ounces?

Swimmy would be shopping for a new umbrella . . . :eek:


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Years ago I was on the North Fork of the Blackfoot, actually had just gotten and was meeting my uncle and friends. After they got back to camp, they had fished, we sat in my uncles pop up trailer and had drinks and apps and it started to hail. Hailed so hard we couldn't hear each other, even almost yelling so we chilled and drank for 20 minutes until it subsided. My truck was out in it, but luckily, even though big, the hail was pretty light and there was no vehicle damage. Fished hard for the next 3 or 4 days, but that was a fun start to the trip!!

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I've been in hail so heavy that I had to pull over to the side of the road here in Montana. One time in Ohio I had to pull over because it was raining so hard the wipers on high didn't keep the windshield clear.


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"A hailstorm that flattened crops, broke windows and wrecked roofs and vehicles throughout the Yellowstone County area on Sunday also killed and maimed more than 11,000 waterfowl and wetland birds at the Big Lake Wildlife Management Area west of Molt.
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks biologists who visited the lake this week picked up dead ducks and shorebirds with broken wings, smashed skulls, internal damage and other injuries consistent with massive blunt-force trauma. They reported thousands of additional dead or badly injured waterfowl and wetland birds in and around the lake.
A neighboring landowner reported baseball-sized hail that broke windows in the area on Sunday evening. Local weather reports said Molt and Rapelje suffered 2-inch hail propelled by a 70 mph wind."

The crop damage there was unbelievable, a total loss for many families.

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I live in Butte and I check the weather page every morning. We missed biting the bullet this morning as a thunderstorm, moved east about to the line between us and Canada. It looked nasty.

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