Tiger Muskie Fly Color

If you’re not hitting vary your location and strip method before changing off black since every Muskie lake I know of in WA is clear. I haven’t fished them for a long time but my childhood friend consistently grabs one at May on a 10” black fly from Lost Creek Fly Shop.
truth be told, I'm a little biased...nearly all of my fish have come on black, but I also fish black (or some variation of) nearly all of the time. I DID have one of the largest fish I've seen out there eat boat-side on a 16" pink fly....but I completely blew the hookset.
Cool tie @Randall Clark . Looks like an expensive fly. Gotta love the ease of tying, though; looks like you just tied in the full feathers!
Thanks. It's more an impression of bulk than actual bulk. There's a lot more to that than it looks...both to give the impression of bulk and to give it the action that I want (more of a walk the dog type action on the pause). When in the water, they look a little more like this (this is a bull trout fly I fished on Sunday):

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