Does XP have your vote as moderator?

  • Yes

    Votes: 36 48.6%
  • No

    Votes: 27 36.5%
  • Maybe

    Votes: 11 14.9%

  • Total voters
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@XP - are you a Republican or a Democrat? I’m an American and absolutely need to know the two party affiliation of everyone I cast a vote for regardless of what they are running for. It’s either blue or red for me, donkey or elephant. No time to learn anything else about your candidacy.

So, fess up. Oh, and I’d like to see 10 years of tax returns and a certified copy of your birth certificate please. In the meantime, I’ll be spending the next few weeks going back through all your WFF posts looking for anything that could be deemed offensive. Don’t worry folks, I’ll report back my findings....

Edit: First offensive post found:

When: April 2019
Thread: Sage: Now I’m living color
Post: What kind of idiot uses a blue rod for freshwater? Everyone knows blue rods are for saltwater.

I have a 3rd cousin who is color blind and could easily make this mistake. Highly offensive and not looking good for you my friend.
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UPDATE: The people have spoken and I have won the popular vote by a huge margin. Thank you to all my supporters!

I’m looking forward to contributing to the site as a new moderator and keeping WFF great.

You may win the popular vote, but it's winning the electoral college that will get you elected.

I see ya goin' by the way of Hillary.:p:eek::D

wadin' boot

Donny, you're out of your element...
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You may win the popular vote, but it's winning the electoral college that will get you elected.

Don't mess with XP, you say electoral college and he's gonna get some old wader boxes, his latex paints, markers, cotton balls, some pipe cleaners, dental floss and old star wars figures and make an Awesome Eclectic Collage/Diorama with a Bobo-as-fishing-Jeeesusss theme......

now the problem XP doesn't yet realize, see Swimmy has a whole diorama room and has been glazing some figurines in his urn and hand carving a Smith river scene out of Montana driftwoods inlaid with azure blue resins for the waters...right now he's mumbling something about UV cures being not all they're cracked up to be while stirring a small pot of ripped up newspapers and flour water for his paper mache, and why not, it's already pretty awesome....he's got a wire'd up version ready to plaster topography on

The Collage/diorama/Mod battle is ON, glitter glue is under some nailbeds, felt is being cut for something other than bottom of a boot....
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UPDATE: Thank you for the support! I have some huge endorsements coming in today at noon. Hopefully this will convince some of those “maybes” to “YES’s” before the polls close.



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This just in: @XP said he will secure funding for a Skagit winter steelhead season, and Mexico will pay for it.

He has my vote.

I'm waiting until he gets his wonderful letter from Kim Jong-un! Details to come later...

And on a serious note, can we get sea run browns in the Sky please! Tired of chasing those pesky steelhead.. need to swing some dynamite or something a little more aggressive than my beautiful intruders and fat flies!

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