FS Watermaster Kodiak Expedition w/ Extras


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Priced to move! I already found my replacement boat! I am not parting this out, selling it all for 1,000, thanks!

Testing the waters here, pun intended! My kid and I have used this boat primarily for lake fishing for the passed four years, but she is growing and it is getting cramped in this thing! So I’m looking at buying a new boat to accommodate our new situation, as well as get back into rowing big whitewater.

The boat has been used a fair amount, but very well taken care of. Always kept inflated in temp controlled garage. 303 applied every spring and fall.

What it is:

2012 WM Kodiak Expedition Package
Boat bottom (retails for 350) SOLD (someone with a kiddo snatched it up)
Anchor system/motor mount
Aquabound oars

New this would all add up to around 2100.

Looking to get $1,000 plus shipping if you want it mailed or driven to you. No trades, please. Pics available on request.
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I ended up buying a Cataraft with Maxxon tubes and a walkthrough frame. I’m going to miss that WM, but its just not working out with my kid. I’m tall and she’s going to be tall, and she wants “her own seat”. The front of the WM wasn't cutting it anymore.
Two kids myself. Pretty sure Im going to have to get a full size raft.
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Can't afford it now, but would take it if I could. Great boat! I've used a WM on the Yakima a few times when we had the gear program. Not sure if we still do or not.

I'm thinking of an 11' pontoon, setup for fishing for two when I can afford it. For now i'll tag along with my friends with boats! Will probably build a frame with help from my friend who can do it easily with aluminum tubes.. or have a custom frame built...
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