Caddis Larvae in Brackish Waters


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I spent the last two weeks fishing an estuary for pink salmon. Here the tide backs the river up about 3/4 of a mile and in about half of that you can see the mixing of the salt and fresh water as the flow pushes upstream.

While taking a break, I noticed a cased caddis larvae crawling on an embedded log. I didn't have a camera but it's case was of woody detritus. I plucked the larvae from the case and it was a dark brown colour. This was while the water was brackish.

I'm just wondering if Taxon or any of the others knowledgeable in caddis life histories can tell me if caddis in saltwater estuaries are common. I always thought they were only found in freshwater environments.


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Hi Squamishpoacher-

My understanding is that some species of caddisfly are tolerant of semi-saline habitats. If you took a photo of the case and the larva you plucked out of it, please share. ;)


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I wonder if they get washed downstream and end up where they don't want to be. I'm going to be fishing there again this year and will be looking for more of this caddis. I'll get photos if I find any.

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