Modern Nymphing and Modern Nymphing Elevated - film REVIEW?


I'm hungry to learn more about nymphing, specifically some of the European nymphing techniques, and came across two films Modern Nymphing and Modern Nymphing Elevated featuring Devin Olsen and Lance Egan.

Have any of you watched these films? Pretty good information?


I have good things to say about the first one. Haven't seen the 2nd one. That said, his blog posts have a ton of information. Not as relaxing as watching a video, but a lot of info is there. As an aside, buying things from Devin's site/store has also gone very well for me.
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When this video came out, it was very helpful. There were a lot of different folks describing how to "euro" or "tightline" nymph, but it was basically some type czech or polish nymphing which was really developed to catch grayling. Devins blog seemed to be more with the times (french and spanish style) and was full of great info. Not knowing anyone who fished this style, the video really shortened the learning curve by showing how it actually worked. If you are new to it, I definitely recommend the first video. The second one is more helpful tips than a "how to".

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