Line for Scott ARC 959 T-14 roll/spey casts


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I have a plan to fish for steelhead (or whatever you want to call the rainbow trout that run from lake ontario into the niagara river). This is very big water, and in a gorge where there is typically no room for an overhand cast. I want to swing flies, but I will need a very heavy sink tip (I'm thinking T-14 or T-17). I'm thinking the sink tip should be in the range of 10 to 15 feet long. The depth where the fish are is typically 4-8' deep. Casts do not need to be very long, its a matter of getting the fly down quick. I'd say no longer than 50', usually less than 30'. I can get down where I need to be with Ambush or Rio OBS, a 10' mono leader and split shot but I want something smoother. I am aware T-14 and T-17 is not generally smooth but it should be better than 2 or 3 large lead split shot.

I have lots of different rods, including a 2 handed 7 weight, but I strongly prefer singlehand rods. The rod I want to use for this task is a Scott ARC 9'6 9 weight. I have singlehand ARCs in 6 through 9 weights and the 12'8 7weight 2 hander. The reason I am leaning towards the 9 weight is I think it will handle a heavy sink tip better than any of the other singlehand ARCs.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a line to use on this rod? Also, any sugestions for making or modifying a line. This line will only be for this purpose. Below is a pic of the type of water I'm talking about. There are very limited wading options, you're mostly fishing off rocks. I want to go super heavy heavy so I could cast downstream at an angle, have the fly get into the zone quickly, and swing towards the shore. There are too many changing currents to cast upstream and give more time for your fly to get into the zone.

Thanks in advance


O' Clarkii Stomias

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I would suggest an OPST Commando in probably a 300 grain head. I doubt you would have much success with T-17, but it should be able to cast a 10-12 foot tip of T-14 with ease.

Dave Boyle

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If legal, a brass tube fly could be your friend. They get deep fast, folks use them on parts of big Scottish rivers like the Tay in conjuntion with full sink lines....definitely chuck & duck. You’ll likely need to wear a helmet :)



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Looks like (beautiful) gear water to me. I gave up on fly fishing stuff like that a long time ago; not just because it's hard, but because for me, it just wasn't fun trying to make fly rods cast all that unwieldy shit.

That said, I hear those Commando lines make it a little less shitty. Good on you for trying, and good luck!


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Agree. Caught many on gear, many on chuck and duck. Just looking for what line will underhand cast 30-50' and sink 8' very quickly. I'll find it one way or another.

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