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Checked in with Stonefish first, and he said to get it up and running this year. So, with week 1 coming up on Saturday with Florida and Miami then Arizona flexing their PAC -12 muscle against that perennial defensive powerhouse Hawaii, time to get the ball rolling! Gawd help the PAC-12 if Arizona tanks in their opener and the Quacks Duck-It against Auburn.

Expect Leach to just keep doing more with less in Pullman, and the new HBO show featuring the Cougs to be stellar. The Mutts under Chompers will just keep rolling (until the Cougs beat them, I got nothing...) Oregon should underperform as is the norm the last 5 years ( except in ugly uni’s and players getting busted driving 90 while high). USC’s head coach to get fired mid-season. Arizona to have serious coaching questions if Tate doesn’t run for a couple of 300 yard games. Utah to be tough on defense and have a “meh” offense that loses them a few games. The Beavs will surprise a couple teams. And, Cal may throttle a few more teams with a great defense. If they ever get an offense clicking, look out! But their coach will be gonzo for greener pastures right after. Time to crank it up!!!

Edit- just for clarification, even if you are on the Alabama gravy train, relishing Lord Saban racking up his multiple coach of the year awards (amazing he can coach all those 5-stars to a championship level), a rabid fan of The Irish ( still riding high off of the Lou Holtz years), worship old Khaki pants and his quirky ways in The Big House ( Cougs still want their 2-seconds back from the ‘98 Rose Bowl), or are expecting Scott Frost to bring Nebraska out of decades of wandering in the mediocrity wilderness, this is your 2019 podium. Feel free to sling mud at your rivals, crow for your teams success, call for a coaches head, post naked pics of Lee Corso and Larry Scott (wait, no, scratch that last one), and have a little fun.
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Ruh-Ro Raggy. AZ lays the first egg for the Pac-12. Predicting Florida doesn't finish in the top 10 at years end may not be much of a stretch either.

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