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Next Saturday's Ducks/Dawgs game should be a good one. I think the Ducks will take it 31-17. Great on D and both types of O today.


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Damn. They Coug'd it again! Went into a 'prevent D' at the end and it prevented a win.
Cougs only have the prevent the win D this year...oh well, played #18 team on the road to the end. Better showing than what I thought would happen after the crap-show they put on the field in the prior 2 games. QB this year doesn’t seem to have the gamer factor that Minshew and Falk had. Time to put in Gubrud!!! Seasons shot anyway.

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What a steaming pile of shit we put out on the field today.

But yeah, Cocks deserved to win that one. Their defensive line earned steaks tonight.
Tough day between the hedges. I thought we were going to have a similar time at TA&M after they walked down the field on the first drive. I'm still reconciling myself with Bama looking like a Big12 team but those receivers are fun to watch.

I still don't think we have the defense to seal the deal this year but they are looking better and better, especially the pass rush. Offensive line starting the meld too. The LSU game in 4 weeks will settle a lot of playoff questions.


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I will. Great game. Very competitive. Ducks came up with some good defensive stops in the second half. Should have been a PI penalty on the Dawgs last play, but I think they missed some that should have gone the Ducks way earlier.

Good day for Oregon, Beavs beat Cal too.


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Ducks were good when it counted, definitely the better team. Trying to watch the Buffs/Coug game but will have to watch it in mute. The 'color commentator' has a grating voice and won't shut up. Not gonna listen to his bullshit for 3 hours but some good jazz is on the radio.....

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