NFR 2019 Official WFF College Football Thread


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Stoked to see the Beavs getting a few wins. Maybe they won't finish at the bottom like all the reporters were predicting.
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This thread is dead. What happened to everyone's interest in college football? Glad to see Oklahoma go down. Wish Auburn could have pulled off the win. Cheering Michigan right now, hope they roll that hobbit's team.

How much will the Cougs loose by tonight? The Ducks are favored by 14 but I think it will be 17 at a minimum.


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The Dallas Cowboys of college football, which would be Notre Dame will go another season since 1989 without a national championship.
What a
Touchdown Jesus stumbles and fumbles again. Now let’s hope the leprechaun dude blows an an acl or achilles.


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WSU trying to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory ?

Edit: Yep. Good stuff. WSU borrowed the Seahawks late game prevent defense..
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I told my kid WSU left too much time on the clock after that last TD and were going to lose. Tough loss for them.

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