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Yeah, I have noticed that....

But they're not the Lambs, so they got that goin' for 'em, which is nice....

They also score more than 3 points on offense....which is also nice.

Lambs have gone 18 possessions without a TD....which is not nice, if you're a Lambs fan...

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Help an outsider understand. SEC is a little foreign to me. Trying to keep it straight. So LSU is the Tigers. Auburn is the Other Tigers. What's Missouri? The Other Other Tigers?
And Clemson are those Other Other ACC Tigers. Then there's the Miss State Bulldogs and the Georgia Bulldogs but at least the actual dogs look pretty different.

Only one Crimson Tide but no one knows WTF that means including the people that went to school there so we just use an Elephant as a mascot.

Oh, and the while Auburn are the Tigers, they have a Golden Eagle as mascot and their cheer is "War Eagle".

When faced with all these questions, I just shrug and give my standard response "It's a Southern thing, kind of like grits."

Roll Tide!


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Cougs VS Beavs for bowl elegibility on Saturday in Pullman (should be about 15k on hand with idiots at PAC-12 putting game time at 6pm the day most of the students make the trek back to Western WA). Not too likely either team win their rivalry game, so it’s going to be “who wants it worse?” Scenario. Go Cougs!


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Anyhow, too bad it come down to the finest two fanbases in the PAC to root against each other for getting to a bowl. Not that beating Mr.Ed, Chompors, The second coming of John Elways Cosmetic Dentist’s pedestrian work, yada-yada, wouldn’t be sweet. OR, the Beavos hanging the noose on Phil Knight’s wet dream drippings... but reality is what it is. Money buys wins. The Chinook Club is as dirty as Norm Maeling’s skid marked panties, and well, The Quaks.... go have fun with what third world country child slave labor funded that sweet quack locker room...
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There is no doubt they've been improving (hiring Johnathan Smith was a good idea) so who knows? We in Corvallis still can't believe a couch quit halfway through the season a few years back and left millions on the table to get the hell out of town.... sheeesh.

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