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Could this be the year the Cougs win the Apple Cup?
They might.
The way the Dawgs are playing this year.
Terrible on offense and playing with hardly any enthusiasm.

Interesting decision by Jonathan Smith late in the Coug game. I understand getting the fourth down play seals the game and a bowl bid, but I personally would have punted it even based on their field position.
That extra yardage could have been the difference for their defense based how much time the Cougs had left without any timeouts.


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Go Coogs.......

Dachshunds looked like they knew their season ended a few weeks ago, like they think they're playing for a draft pick....

Horrible team, horrible team colors......
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What in the hell happened to the Husky offence. Did they take yesterday off. Jesus, were they playing their second string. The QB that was supposed to be the berries is just a second fiddle to good QB's in Division 1 football. Favored by 14 points and to lose by 8. It doesn't say very many good things for their program. The coach is probably wondering what in the hell he did wrong.

Boy do they suck. They might be bowl bound. But just about anybody they may get will probably beat them soundly.

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I don't buy the Pac-12 is too tough top to bottom argument. If true the bowl teams in the past would have been dominant. That hasn't been the case. We send 7 teams and go 1 & 6. Thanks to Utah for representing


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AZ is a mediocre team at best. I feel every year there are a handful of upsets in this conference, more than others it seems. Remember the power teams of USC in Carroll’s days, as good as they were a mediocre OSU gave them fits especially with those midget Rodger brothers. I believe 15 years ago was last undefeated team in Pac 12. 04’ USC Trojans. That is a long time when compared to Big 12 and SEC conferences.
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