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Then there is the athletic department, who’s ethical track record is almost beyond belief. Issues revolving cheating, recruiting violations, and protecting felonious behavior of players goes back generations. For the purposes of maintaining some degree of brevity, we will focus primarily on the last 35 years.
October 1985: Former UW player Michael Kay Green is arrested after a two-month spree in which he attacked nine women and children. He is convicted of several robbery charges, rape at knife point, abduction, and murder charges. He blames addiction to steroids from his time at UW for his violence.
May 1987: UW runningback Trevin Moore is arrested in connection with the knifing and robbery of a Seattle woman, and is also convicted in three other attacks on Seattle women. He is given an “exceptionally light sentence of one year,” according to the Seattle Times.
December 1987: UW linebacker Jay Roberts is one of three men participating in a rape at a Seattle apartment. One of the men is convicted but Roberts is released after a retrial when the victim refused to testify.
May 1987: UW star Reggie Rogers is charged with a gross misdemeanor assault on his former girlfriend. The following year he would kill three people in Michigan while drunk driving.
February 1993: UW football player Michael Darrow receives a deferred sentence for sexual assault on a 13 year old girl.
August 1993: The Pac-10 penalizes UW football for a scheme involving paying players for summer jobs they do not attend. Don James resigns in protest.
October 1993: UW wide receiver Jason Shelley is expelled after being arrested in Eugene, Oregon for breaking into an UO dorm and raping an 18 year old girl. UW football player Doug Barnes and basketball player Prentiss Perkins are also charged. The charges are later reduced to third degree sexual abuse, a misdemeanor.
1996: Police respond on five separate occasions to calls of domestic violence at the home of UW football player Curtis Williams. One of those times Williams is charged with misdemeanor assault. The final time he is arrested again for misdemeanor assault the police note a puddle of blood in the bedroom and his wife was badly beaten. The wife had previously suffered a broken arm while she was pregnant and later acknowledges Williams was responsible. Charges were dropped in lieu of counseling, which he never attends. Four days later the wife calls the police again saying he had choked her and cut her face.
September 1997: Williams is convicted of 3rd degree assault and sentenced to time served.
December 1997: Williams is breaks a no contact order and arrested for a fifth time for domestic violence. His wife says he threatened to kill her if she left him.
1998: King County prosecutor Norm Maleng refuses to pursue charges against 3 UW players who were witnessed beating a UW student as a crowd gathered around.
April 1998: UW recruit Jerramy Stevens assaults and hospitalizes an already unconscious classmate. A UW lawyer negotiates of misdemeanor plea and he is sentenced to time already served.
1999: King County prosecutors drop charges against three UW football players for trashing a fraternity and assaulting several members. One player receives a ten day sentence.
1999: A witness sees Jerramy Stevens anally raping a semi-conscious woman in an alley behind a fraternity.
January 1999: New head football coach Rick Neuheisal makes improper phone calls to former Colorado players, numerous illegal phone calls to recruits during the quiet period, and athletic assessment of a recruit on a visitation.
October 1999: UW linebacker Jeremiah Pharms’ wife calls police to say he assaulted her. He is arrested and released.
January 2000: Police investigate a shooting victim who says Jeremiah Pharms broke into his apartment, shot him, and stole his drugs.
July 2000: Jerramy Stevens is arrested and charged with rape. He is one of at least 14 different players who will be represented by UW booster Mike Huntsman during the 2000 season.
October 2000: Multiple witnesses identify Jerramy Stevens, his truck, and its license plate in at hit and run on a vehicle with multiple children inside.
October 2000: King County prosecutor Maleng drops rape charges against Jerramy Stevens despite victim testimony, eyewitness testimony, and DNA match to ****** in her ***** and vagina. The victim was determined not to be a credible witness because she was either drugged or drunk at the time.
October 2000: Stevens is cited for speeding in the hit and run case and receives a $119 ticket.
December 2000: Jeremiah Pharms’ neighbor contacts police about concerns over the pitbulls he is raising in his back yard, the bloody rags everywhere, and the lack of food and water for them. Police take some of the dogs to a shelter where they are described as “all bony” and with heavy chains and padlocks around their necks and having been drinking from a gutter drain. He is written up for having unlicensed dogs and more dogs than allowed. Pharms never returns for the dogs after the Rose Bowl.
April 2001: His football eligibility now gone, UW linebacker Jeremiah Pharms is finally arrested for shooting and robbing his drug dealer 14 months earlier (now 3 months after UW’s trip to the Rose Bowl). 14 months prior, UW police collect Pharms bloody fingerprint and football glove from the crime scene and take interviews from the victim who personally knows Pharms and identifies him as the shooter. Pharms is convicted and sentenced to three years in prison.
May 2001: Jerramy Stevens’ pickup drives through the side of a nursing home and knocks a dresser onto a bed where a 92 year old woman is sleeping. His vehicle is stuck and he gets out and uses his textbooks for traction where a witness sees him and gets his license plate number before he drives away. After lying to police he eventually pleads guilty and receives a suspended 90-day sentence.
2002: Stevens receives multiple citations for reckless driving and one DUI arrest.
October 2002: Assistant basketball coach Cameron Dollar and Lorenzo Romar admit to 26 different recruiting violations, most involving illegal early contact with recruits.
January 2003: Rick Neuheisal is censured by the American Football Coaches Association for recruiting violations.
June 2003: NCAA launches an investigation into Rick Neuheisal betting on college basketball.
2003: Unable to make any progress with criminal charges in Norm Maleng’s office despite police recommendations, three different women file civil suits against UW football players Roc Alexander and Eric Shyne accusing them of rape. The lawsuits were settled and all records are sealed.
October 2003: Dr. William Scheyer, aka Dr. Feelgood, UW Softball’s team doctor, admits to state medical investigators that he had improperly passed out and failed to track “thousands of doses of narcotic pain pills, muscle relaxants, and testosterone steroid gels,” to players.
May 2003: Zach Tuiasosopo is arrested for breaking the windows, windshields, doors and interiors of four vehicles by the wharf in Seattle. He is convicted and sentenced to community service and alcohol treatment.
March 2004: Defensive End Manase Hopoi is arrested for punching a security guard.
May 2007: UW basketball player Artem Wallace is arrested for hit and run after his car hit a motorcyclist. Police described him as extremely intoxicated.
March 2010: Defensive End Andru Pulu is arrested for assault. The victim suffered a fractured skull when he tried to break up another fight, and police noted a bootprint on his temple. No charges were ever filed.
January 2011: UW basketball player Venoy Overton is arrested and charged with raping two 16 year old girls. The charges are later reduced to contributing alcohol to a minor.
March 2011: Venoy Overton starts for coach Lorenzo Romar in the NCAA tournament.
May 2011: UW basketball player Venoy Overton is arrested and pleads guilty to promoting prostitution (pimping) of an 18 year old girl. According to court documents. Overton provided detailed instructions on how to work as a prostitute. Driving her to particular locations, teaching her how to walk, what prices to charge, and how many tricks to turn before calling him to pick her up.
November 2012: Jerramy Stevens is arrested for assaulting Hope Solo, but no charges are pressed.
July 2012: Shots were fired in the direction of police from Venoy Overton's car. An associate of Overton is charged with felony weapons charges.
2013: Head Football coach Steve Sarkisian is reimbursed for $1023 for alcohol tabs for two staff outings. The bills involved mostly shots of tequila, an athletic department spokesmen classified them as legitimate business expenses.
August 2012: Former UW Soccer star Hope Solo is cited for use of banned substances by the US Anti-Doping Agency. She will be involved with multiple domestic violence disputes with husband Jeremy Stevens during their marriage.
January 2013: UW football player Zacchery Fogerson arrested for robbing an 18 year old woman at gunpoint.
March 2013: Starting Tight End Austin Seferian-Jenkins arrested for Drunk Driving. He is suspended for one game.
July 2013: Starting Wide Receiver Kasen Williams pleads guilty to drunk driving and driving under the influence of marijuana. He misses no playing time for coach Sarkisian.
December 2013: UW Defensive Line Coach Tosh Lupoi was discovered to have made cash payments hidden in coffee cups totally $4500 to Mike Davis, coach of UW recruit Andrew Basham for private tutoring. Basham fails to qualify academically. Lupoi is paid $300,000 in a mutual separation agreement.
June 2014: Hope Solo is indicted for assaulting her half-sister and 17 year old nephew with a broomstick. Police found the victims to have visible injuries. Courts ordered her to stop drinking alcohol.
June 2014: Former UW football coach Jim Lambright is arrested for assaulting his 23 year old granddaughter. Lambright's wife and two granddaughters requested a no-contact order, saying they feel threatened by his “escalating level of aggression.” Lambright works as a consultant for Turner Construction, who receives the contract to renovate Husky Stadium.
February 2014: Following Seattle's first ever Super Bowl win over Denver, Quarterback Cyler Miles and wide receiver Demore'ea Stringfellow were identified by multiple Seahawk fans who were assaulted during post game celebrations. One man was punched repeatedly and a woman who was seen taking pictures was knocked unconscious and her camera was thrown into a bonfire. An hour later another man was punched twice and chased for several blocks. Stringfellow was eventually charged with two counts of assault and one count of malicious mischief. Miles, a native of Denver, Colorado who grew up Bronco fan received a one game suspension.
January 2015: Jerramy Stevens is arrested (and later convicted) for DUI while driving the US Women's National Soccer team van with the headlights off. Hope Solo who was also drunk and in the van, became belligerent with police and was suspended by US Soccer.”
Lots of old news there dating back to 1985,
including some not even football related.
The article I posted was from 2015.

You’ve been a busy guy researching all of that on google.
No wonder you haven’t posted until now since the latest defeat. What was straight? :D

Any predictions that the Cougs will win the 2020 Apple Cup in this 2019 college football tread?
Enjoy the sticker.
Go Dawgs!
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You’ve been a busy guy researching all of that on google.
No wonder you haven’t posted until now since the latest defeat.
This guy must really hate the U/W!! Gives him something to do while cheering for a coach who "Wins a TON of games". Pussycats have won 54.95% of games since leach took over, which is great if your a Coug.


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Doing the work
Interesting way of dealing with seven straight losses....

Should we list the James era issues too. But some how James made them pay more than any court would.

Oh yes he did!
We all know the issues that happened back then, but James was never convicted of a crime or charged with anything, including any NCAA infractions that I recall.
The UW and the football team were of course.

Anyone that has played any level of college sports knows the head coach has no idea what all their players or alumni are doing at every moment regardless of how hands on they are. Even Mike Leach.....
The same goes for parents of college kids. ;)
Did James know certain alumni were paying kids for not working or that Billy Joe was out getting a loan from some guy in Idaho?
I don’t think so.
Giving fruit baskets to recruits or a player getting a KISW jacket are real world crimes, lol.

It certainly set the program back when the then PAC 10 issued harsher penalties then the NCAA, including a two year bowl ban.
Had Mike Lude been AD versus Barbi Hedges, I believe the outcome would have been a lot less severe.
Barbi just paid a KC based law firm $600K or something like that to say we are guilty. Pathetic effort on her part to fight the sanctions.
That wouldn’t have happened with Mike Lude at the helm as AD.
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Stonefish: SPOT ON! James resigned over the ridiculous pac 12 punishment and lack of support. Gerberding had it in for James ever since Bush sr. came to town and asked Coach James out to dinner. He hired that USC SKANK who cared more about women's JV Badminton than the cash cow. I thought she was going to give neweisel a bj at his press conference!


Triploid, Humpy & Seaplane Hater....Know Grizzler
Stonefish: SPOT ON! James resigned over the ridiculous pac 12 punishment and lack of support. Gerberding had it in for James ever since Bush sr. came to town and asked Coach James out to dinner. He hired that USC SKANK who cared more about women's JV Badminton than the cash cow. I thought she was going to give neweisel a bj at his press conference!
The lack of support by upper campus and the power struggle between them and the athletic department played a huge roll in James decision to resign prior to the season.
Once they forced Lude out, it was all downhill from there.

Doing so right before the season also ensured that one of his guys would become head coach, rather then it be Barbi’s choice via some type of nationwide search.

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