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I did read 'time to recharge' in one of the pieces I read....burnout is real in any high pressure position in any business.
Guessing he'd like a breather, or has another job in the pipeline down the road.

Either way, I liked him better at Boise St.
Good luck to him.
You bring up a point I thought about. I think Petersen liked himself more at BSU then he did at UW. At BSU he had the real OKG guys. At UW he was dealing with a different breed for the most part. He was getting kids with eyes on playing Sunday and UW was a step stone on the way. Where as at BSU the players were so thankful just to be playing at such a school as BSU. I have a hunch that the Jake Haener vs Jake Eason really weighed on him because for once he went against his principles, beliefs, and intuition. He believed Haener was a better fit, and for once he compromised when he never had to before. Just a thought.


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Utah at #5 in the CFP rankings tonight.
Oregon at #13

Oklahoma at #6 versus #7 in the Big 12 title game.

Anyone else ever watch SEC Shorts on YouTube?
If you watched the Alabama Auburn game you might enjoy this.



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All kinds of thoughts running through my head but first...Coach CP leaving, happy for him but disappointed that he didn't have a longer tenure. I think I might like him as a coach better than Don James. I know that may sound sacrilegious but CP ranked pretty high in my book. Apple Cup went as about expected; I really enjoyed how the announcers made a big deal about the venue and scenery of the area...the lake, the mountains, the made me feel better about Washington (the state) even though our steelhead fishing currently sucks.

Playoffs-Baylor's non-conference schedule (weak) and a lack of quality wins (1 top 25 victory) and two overtime victories has me leaning away from them at this point even if they win Saturday against Oklahoma. I just don't think they should be in the running. If they are in the running, why not other 12-1 teams?

If Oklahoma wins, they have a good shot of making the playoffs with conference championship and 4 quality wins over top 25.

I like Utah now with Wittingham way better than when Meyer was at the helm. Kyle seems like a good guy and coach. Even though they don't have the signature wins and come in unheralded, I think if they beat Oregon they should be in the running. A stout defense, some offensive weapons and they had a lot of good wins in the Pac 12 that had teams flirting with top 25 rankings throughout much of the year, along with being conference champs.

LSU and Georgia should be a great game. If Georgia loses I think they are out. The big question is if any of the 12-0 teams happen to lose on Saturday, does that automatically disqualify them? If all three win then they are automatically in obviously. If both Oklahoma and Utah win, then it will be who looks best with their win for the fourth seed.
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I would agree that college coaching has become an epidemic of douchebaggery. With coaches making millions on the backs of young guys that can get disqualified for being given a rib eye and baked potato dinner, a sport jacket or borrowing someone's Porsche to take his girl friend to a dance, it is infuriating to see the inequity of it.

Greg Shiano just signed a $32 million dollar contract with a backmarker like Rutgers! It begs the question-how many engineers, scientist, teachers, doctors, etc can you develop with thirty two million dollars? The tail is wagging the dog when students leave school with crippling debt and some blowhard Charlatan waltzes off with a kings ransom and lives in luxury the rest of his life. Many of these high profile hires fail and get bought out by the university and get paid for years after they are dismissed. Can you say Charlie Weiss? Notre Dame paid him $19,000,000 AFTER he was fired.

For the record, Schiano is one game over .500 as a college coach and 10 games under .500 as an NFL coach, in other words, not very good. So maybe Chris Petersen is on to something. If Schiano is worth 32 million, CP should be worth at least 50 million!


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It's certainly a joke.
In 39 states, the highest paid state employee is either a football or coach, those are just state schools. Doesn't include private university.
To make things worse, in a few states, the highest paid employee is a former coach, he doesn't even work there, but is the highest paid state employee.
Screwed up priorities for sure, in any sane nation it would be an unthinkable thing, but not here.
Those were 2018 numbers, so it maybe even higher now....but just digest that in almost 80% of the country, college coaches are taking home the highest salary of any employee in their respective states.



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When all is said and done, I like to see both Washington schools vying for control of the division year in and out...ok and hopefully the Beavs, but not the quaks!
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Utah is a more complete team and actually has a chance against OSU or LSU, which ever ends up #1. But according to paul finebaum "The country does not want to see Utah in the playoff".
Finebaum is a poster child for the the problem of the west coast college football programs not being acknowledged by the media. Well him, and the ineptitude at the top of the overpaid, greedy, delusional PAC-12 leadership. Larry Scott is happy with water-polo and tennis wins, but while making hay off of football, ignores the importance of promoting the Schitt out of it and any of the teams in his conference outside of CA or the Ducks. He propagates the PR problem with Pac-12 football at a huge cost to the member universities!

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