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Cougs looked very strong against Houston in the second half. Always a Leach fan from his days at Texas Tech.
So WSU is "Cougs", Houston is "Coogs". I learn something new every week. Also WSU's football coach in something like 1906, ended up going to UH and starting the football program there in the late 20's. He named the team the Cougars. Anyhow, in my book, the correct Cougars won last Friday. Time to make fUCLA regret paying Chip all that money and continue to validate the saying "UCLA. Where 5-star recruits go to get soft."

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The Clay Helton Death Watch is definitely on now at SC. They paid this guy National Championship money for a junior college grade coach. The next three games are Utah, Washington and Notre Dame which should result in a 4 game losing streak and another losing season. The ghost of Ed Orgeron -the guy they should have hired -continues to haunt them as Orgeron has developed a powerhouse at LSU while SC has become the laughing stock of the PAC 12.

SC has really floundered in the pick a coach sweepstakes recently, any bets on when they eat this guys salary and stagger into another iffy coach deal?
I hope your not biting your tongue on this one, Utah got beat by USC..

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