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Everytime there is a disputed play on the field the refs seem to pick the fly shit out of it. I liked football a lot better before instant replay. It makes the game a lot longer.


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No nail biter today as the Huskies trounced BYU. Both teams made a lot of mistakes, but the Dawgs played the better game. I look forward to them playing another challenging team after that lightning storm loss to Cal.


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Eason looked greatly improved today, only one bad decision. Not bad for a kid who hasn't played in 2 years. The D needs to grow!


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Saw Minshew on a 'HULU' tv commercial today. The press is already enamored with him. The NFL needs guys like him, feel good stories about goofballs(eccentrics) that don't screw up.
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Old Man

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They can stop the run but their pass defense is like a sieve. That QB was competing to many passes. But they stopped them when they needed to.


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I didn't think we'd blow 'em out but felt we'd do a better job controlling the line of scrimmage and opening holes for our backs.

Both teams have made mistakes but this is a battle.


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From a friend

When I was living in GA, I went to a Georgia/auburn game in Athens. It was awesome. A friend of mine was going to school there and had some sort of job in the athletic dept media or something. She got me on the field prior to the game and in the press box to meet Vince Dooley and Herschel walker.

It’s a real great atmosphere they have there.

Bruce Baker

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When I first checked the score ND was beating Georgia. Glad Georgia pulled it out, but was so hoping that they would have clobbered ND.

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