WTB Looking for a 3wt rod for backpacking


Willing to buy a 3wt rod. I have my eye on the Redington Classic Trout.
Looking to use it on the John Muir Trail next year, and all my shorter trips here in the Alpine Lakes.

Brett Dison

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Hi Tori,
I don't have a 3 wt. rod to sell but I can give you some advice. This spring I was looking for a modest-priced 3 wt. for backpacking too. I didn't want to risk breaking n $800 rod (since I would not have it in a tube to save weight) I bought a #3wt Echo Carbon XL. Now, understand that I can be a real gear snob but I gotta say, this little rod fishes freakishly like my #3 Winston Pure, but a fraction the price. ($150!). I paired it with a Ross Evolution. PERFECT! But, Echo makes a great little reel too, the "Ion". for about $75.
In any case, at the price of $150, you won't regret buying the Carbon XL. Good luck,
PS: instead of carrying the rod in a tube, I used strip Velcro and attached the rod pieces to a cut off wooden yard stick. Not as secure as a tube but very light and surprising good protection. Oh, this might matter, I typically carry a Kelty Tioga frame pack for 3 season trail hiking. I am not sure if my yard stick solution would work as well with an internal frame pack


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Not for sale, but I have a Redington CT 7'6" 3wt 4pc and it punches well outside its price class when it comes to quality and feel. Highly recommended as a backpacking rod for small stream work. I would get the 8'6" 6pc if you intend to fish more lakes than streams, but that extra foot of length is going to be a negative on tight creeks.

Brett Dison

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Although an 8'6" rod it too heavy for a 3wt -- for me anyway (swing) -- the 8'6" - 6 piece sounds like a great trail rod. They extra length would be nice for mountain lakes and 6 pieces of an 8.5' rod is a lot smaller than 4 pieces of a 7.5' rod! :)


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I have the Douglas Upstream 370-6. If you're looking for a 6 piece it is the fantastic. I got mine used ~$180 and don't think I'll ever sell it. Great action and build and tiny!


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Food for thought, I use a cheap little Rod from amazon that came with a reel i gave away. The whole kit is $30 (Crystal River Executive Travel), and the rod alone is worth it. It’s a 4/5 wt. 8ft but it’s 8 sections that pack down to 12”. A cheap plastic tube, pvc or you can get fancy like I with carbon for a case. Best part is it’s so small I Velcro it to my mountain bike for alpine adventures.


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I've got a Echo 376-4. It's the earlier model. Nice action in good used condition with sock and tube.
$75 plus shipping cost.

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