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Big Time Hater
Last night we had chorizo and potato tacos, an easy and tasty Oaxacan dish that vaguely resembles a breakfast burrito without the eggs, black beans on the side.
Anyway they're pretty good, very filling and quick and easy, top with salsa verde and chopped green onions.



Big Time Hater
Starting a short rib ravioli project after work today.
Braising the short ribs in onion, shallot, garlic, wine and herbs, one batch today, another tomorrow.
Gonna let them cool, skim the fat, shred the meat back into the veggies, and then make the pasta Saturday and production style assemble a metric shitpot (technical term here) of raviolis for use later this spring.
Good excuse to give the pasta machine some work

Thinking they'll be good with just about any sauce, but going to make a mushroom/ demiglace/ wine thing for dinner Saturday night.
It smells good, which is always a good sign.


Big Time Hater
They're good, like all those braised meat recipes are...
Tender and infused with herbs and wine we really like them.
Got a half beef last fall, so got a bunch of them to use.
I usually cook them one day, then cool so I can skim the fat, then reheat the next day.
Reducing the braising liquid way down and having them with taters or egg noodles with the reduced braising liquid as a sauce is how we have them a lot.
Thicken the liquid with corn starch if you want a gravy consistency...
We do the same thing with oxtail.

Gary Knowels

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Not a thing wrong with that at all!

Change up the herbs, spices, and liquid and you can take it anywhere in the world!
Braised short rib pitas with sweet spices, fennel, orange, and tomato? Yes please
Braised short rib tacos with cumin, mixed dried chiles, tomato, and garlic? Yes please
Braised short rib rice bowls with gochujang, fish sauce, kombu, ginger, and garlic? Yes please

I'm love short ribs.


Big Time Hater
Braised short ribs mexican style are great.
Do em up with chiles and spices, then wrap em up in tortillas, andd beans,, rice and cheese, top with a bit of the chile braising sauce and bake for a killer wet burrito type deal.
Great flavor in short ribs, cheap too....


Big Time Hater
Things worked out pretty good, made 75 raviolis, and had 2 nights to sample them and the rest we froze. Took the short ribs and shredded them up, and added some caramelized onions to them.
Pasta machine made it pretty easy to get nice thin sheets of dough.
Mushroom sauce was made from the braising liquid defatted and strained, then mixed with sautéed mushrooms and mushroom stock...very rich and shroomy.
Salad and a nice Chianti rounded out a pretty good meal.

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