What's in your cast iron tonight? Or your...


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August in the Pacific Northwest is hard to beat, harvest time of many kinds! Sungold tomatoes and veggies straight from the garden, freshly caught Dungeness crabs, catch of the day salmon on the grill (including an ivory king caught by my daughter, her first keeper king!), surf and turf salmon and steak on the cast iron, crab cakes and salmon burgers, this week's menu and we can't get tired of it!


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This weekend, I kept and cleaned a fish for the first time. A bled and fully cleaned pink is good eating with a bit of herb, butter, and garlic assistance. I had a great time filleting the fish and eating it with friends. Thanks to the forum for all the great fish handling tips that helped it go smoothly. No crinkly sand panko fish here :).

I’m looking forward upgrading to a few coho in the coming months!

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