Thomas & Thomas rod questions?

Adam Saarinen

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A Thomas & Thomas rod has come up in the clasifieds on my local forum for cheap, well cheap for Finland. I actually think it's the first one i have ever noticed. It's a Helix 9'6" #7, it's in my city & the dude is welcoming potential buyers to test it. I done a quick Google & found out they are built with salt safe components & i believe this is not a new rod, more then 10yrs old the model & maybe not being made any more? If anyone owns this rod & would like to tell me about it, it would be very much appreciated! I don't need another rod, but this seems exciting & don't even know what a T&T is doing in Finland. The only other 9'6" #7 i own is a Loop Evotech in the MF & i really love that rod, just needs to come out of the closet again. Any reviews buy someone would be appreciated too! Regards Adam Saarinen


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I own three T and T rods.
At one point I had a helix briefly. I disliked this rod and sold it immediately. No balance to it, felt like the rod was tapered from the middle in both directions.
But if it's a good price ,cast it and see for yourself.

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