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I have a 4 year old grandson that likes to fish with me... so I mounted a seat on the rear deck of my pontoon boat. (got the 7" base and seat through Amazon) It works great.. I do the casting, and he hangs on the the fly rod. Obviously he wears a life jacket.. but think I'll add a seat belt... he jumps around when he gets a fish on!


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Super great to get the kids out.
Please don't take this the wrong way. I see you have a pfd on the little guy - which is Excellent!
You also need to wear the pfd, not only to set an example to the kids but to literally save your life. If for some reason the little guy was to fall in, even wearing a pfd, you will find you will want a pfd on yourself just to rescue him if you happen to be out of the boat. He will try to climb right on top of your head, trust me from experience, and try to drown you as you are saving him. Take it from our experience, you don't want to have adults drowning in front of kids, which happened to some of our family in Idaho - 4 adults dead while kids watched from the boat on flat water, no pfds
Safe and happy boating,


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Went out the other daywith my little boy who is 27 on my new pontoon, a NRS gigbob. We sat back to back and had a great time. I towed and when going slow he supplied the man power. We are both over 6’, but I outweigh him by about 30 pounds. We didn’t even get tangled once, but he outfished me 2 to 0!


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I did the same thing with my grandsons, as they got older they got too big so I put two frames together with 6” internal sleeves. Works great on stillwaters.

That’s pretty clever..! I may have to do that to keep an eye on him.... although he’s pretty happy in back.


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Looks like the John Day... did you run Clarno? A group of us did it with our pontoon boats.. great fun! (yes.. I did have my life vest on)

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