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Health issues have forced me to accept that I’m not going to be fishing as much as I used to, so looking to unload a few things:

1. Sage 9150-4 IIIe: This is the classic graphite IIIe 9 wt in Green. (Sage also made IIIe rods in “Tiger eye” color, so just want to be clear which version this is.) Really nice rod for fishing longer lines in particular, but I have 2 other 15 footers so this one is surplus. I’m the second owner of this rod (bought from a Speypages member). It’s in good shape overall for its vintage. Some mild soiling of the cork and a few minor scuffs in various places but nothing that would appear to affect the integrity of the rod. Comes with original sock and tube. $285 shipped CONUSA.

2. Sage 7141-4 IV: This is the classic graphite IV “Euro” rod in 7 wt., though in my estimation if fishes more like an 8 wt. I’m the second owner of this rod too (bought from another board member), though it was pretty close to brand new when I bought it several years ago. Was my go to winter rod for a number of years (fished well with the old Rio “beer can” Skagit in 550 grains with a 5’ cheater), but I have another rod I’ve come to prefer for winter steelheading. It’s in overall good shape too. Some mild soiling of the cork and the rod itself is relatively blemish free other than a little bit of scratching on the male end of the ferrules. Comes with sock and tube, but tube is not original. When I bought this rod, it came with a Sage rod sock but no tube, so I ended up buying a VT2 tube from Sage for this rod and that is what you get if you buy this rod.

3. Speyco Vintage Salmon/Steelhead Reel with extra spool: I bought this reel 10+ years ago from another board member and it was new unfished when I purchased it. I am not entirely sure if this had a model name, though vaguely recall that the seller referred to it as a “Skagit”. I have the original box, cloth bag and a certificate signed by Tim Patzlaff that says it’s the first reel in this model (though I can’t personally vouch for that). It’s in good shape with a little bit of wear on the rim and a small scratch on the center cap. I had this paired with the 7141-4 above so it’s surplus to my needs. Set for LHW but pretty straightforward to set it for RHW (basically just need to flip the pawl over). Comes new with extra spool, 2 extra pawls and a tool for unscrewing the spool screw, as well as two aftermarket fleece-lined suede cases. $275 shipped CONUSA. (Line on reel in pictures is the Rio Skagit line referred to about and will come off before shipping, though willing to consider selling it for $25.) SOLD

4. Redington Butterstick 476-3: This is the original version of the 4 wt Butterstick. I am the original owner but have only fished it a few times, probably less than 10 hours total. It is in almost new condition. I’ve had to admit that I’m just not coordinated enough to cast something this slow very well, so it has to go (especially since I have another 4 wt that better suits my casting style). $135 shipped CONUSA. SOLD

5. Plueger 1774: This is a vintage 1774 reel that had been “refurbished” before I bought it. I had it paired with the Butterstick above so it’s surplus to my needs. It actually looks better than the pictures suggest, though the brass and chrome could stand a polish to restore its original “blingy” shine. Set up for LHW but all you need to do to set it for RHW is strip the backing off the reel and rewind it in the reverse direction. Comes with a aftermarket velvet bag with drawstrings. $80 shipped CONUSA.

6. 4 wt double taper line. I’m not entirely sure what brand this is but I think it’s a Rio. I fished it on the Butterstick so it’s seen very little use. Will ship with non-original spool and box. $30 shipped CONUSA.

I can accept PayPal though you need to cover any fees. Alternatively, you can write me a personal check and I’ll ship once it clears.

Sorry, pictures are not loading in order so if there is something you are interested in I’d be happy to email pics too.
CF2E1DC2-BA98-44E1-92D4-8C2C3BAB21B5.jpeg F8FAE3D6-42E8-4052-AEF4-41D67CBCDF1F.jpeg 260CA451-1D8F-4182-8287-AFBE6969E7FD.jpeg D64480B2-07A7-4219-A244-4DEEE1704607.jpeg A33A237C-0681-4B5E-ADDA-21F86E8BD9B7.jpeg 6BD816CC-4D5E-4D7B-BC76-1384467343B1.jpeg A8638C62-590F-4FE7-AA87-CD4708793BC2.jpeg 064ED7D2-1D8F-4698-9BDC-5D30497B7149.jpeg F6BF3B70-C2B9-40FA-ACEE-32DFA8A566C9.jpeg 33A64B03-4BE1-408D-B2D2-60EA48A63B2D.jpeg 4C2B971E-E46E-4AA4-8347-200D2C46C2F9.jpeg 60D89BBD-F4EE-40D8-AAD7-92108ECA5C88.jpeg 7F6FA678-F2A7-46AB-9332-59BB9959A09D.jpeg 942D50F0-EF61-4452-82FC-45D20D59977C.jpeg 03F21FC2-266B-4D02-89E3-BE86454DEBA1.jpeg 6C4FDE88-A396-43A7-BB0A-5A757BC7A2A8.jpeg 9B7B5318-CA7C-4FA7-9B18-4D73AC441D0C.jpeg 74B23A86-1A18-41DE-95DD-F03A40EFC8D4.jpeg A932E212-5A96-4E8A-AE30-2E76E43E8781.jpeg 8126C0B5-B120-4569-9354-AA03E7BD7C0B.jpeg E4E6E168-32A0-4B96-8C53-997ED50F2775.jpeg 0B02C05C-557D-4A55-A5C0-390B20FFE66A.jpeg E8D5980C-E562-4911-A440-A65169A87B5F.jpeg FB5BC694-13AF-4598-AC63-F826B63C69B6.jpeg AE5EDFF2-09AD-45D9-A0BC-84FE50957327.jpeg 02758254-A7B4-4CB1-BB05-FBC39B162172.jpeg 565ADC94-04D9-4918-A872-196CE8FCE008.jpeg EB6B9D84-C6AB-4153-B179-587CC9DF5D6B.jpeg 4DF6E40E-A1BB-40D3-A669-36809542EA13.jpeg BD6C51BE-F432-4780-B568-183E05939038.jpeg 0293738E-AE66-4175-8DE5-3341D64069D0.jpeg 3B8C45BE-0E2A-4FA3-A95E-07AE0148C5FF.jpeg 33094755-0A9C-4635-AA96-B5E03EFA1088.jpeg 8EA5ED62-159D-44AB-9E42-CB3BC6839C2E.jpeg 7AE6917C-FECB-4A7A-9D4C-224606EC8A00.jpeg
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I ran across this in one of my searches, I see it's an old post. Anything still for sale, particularly the Butter Stick and Pflueger.

o mykiss

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Those are both still available (as are a couple other things - Sage 9150-4 and the 4 Wt double taper line).

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