Raft Island in Carr inlet


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My family is going to be visiting and staying on Raft Island for a week and I will probably have access to a boat. Does anyone know what opportunities there are to fish around that area this time of year? I am down for anything either in the sound or streams and ponds nearby. If theirs anywhere else that I should fish in Washington then please feel free to give me suggestions!

Thanks! Gabe

also sorry if I am posting this in the wrong section of the forum, I'm from Oregon and am not on here often

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Dude, have you heard about the bass fishing in Washington?


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Good area for cutts, the top of Carr inlet is where the world renowned Purdy spit is. There’s also a hatchery right across the bay which right now has the tail end of a big chinook run coming in, and will be receiving some coho in September. Depends exactly when you will be there as to what to target.


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It can be tricky finding moving water up there but I would go out at the top of the high tide and fish the points and rocky beaches. Look for current seams. I’d fish a pink zonker, white bugger, or sculpin fly. Depending on your boat you can head south to explore.

I live close by so feel free to ask questions pm or here

Good luck!

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