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Here's a shot from their website never selling turnbuckles nor showing how they should be used in the triangular hole.. If you don't want someone using your hole the same way you used to recommend it be used, you should probably not offer that hole anymore. Just sayin'.

My cooler is currently fine with turnbuckles in the triangular hole and I don't want to redrill my boat for straps when I bought cooler and turnbuckles simultaneously from Engel. I am now concerned the cooler might break free at a bad time though..

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Thats very interesting as i dont see that pic on there website.... Could you post a link to it instead of a screen shot...

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Anybody have one of the Kong coolers? They sound pretty legit. Another solid option I'm hearing about is the Canyon 103?

RTICs seem OK but bad reviews. Engel looks OK but they don't make one near the size I need as I cant fit the 110 so I'd have to get the 80 or 85.

My Igloo Marine Max finally died after 10 years but I want something that will hold ice longer. 5-7 days on the John Day in May heat makes a difference.

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Well, the dang things cost almost as much as fly rods now and they all look exactly the same...

Stuff makes a difference on long floats, especially in summer.

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If you change your mind on the Engel, I know people.

Appreciate that.

I do like their coolers but their sizes are weird. I got 38" to work with and they go from the 32" range for the 85qt to 42" for the 110 qt. Somehow the 80qt is 34" wide.

I can do an over 100qt in the 36-38" range

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