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I'm watching black market cooler deals going down right in front of me! Are there any cheap Chinese counterfeits available?


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I just finished writing my third complaint to Yeti regarding my second Tundra 45. The first holds ice like a champ. The second one I got to balance out the boat is compatible with a styrofoam $4.99 job from the local Circle K (emergency cooler for toting Natty Lights around in at the lake). If Yeti don't pony up a solution (other than their script corporate BS response of telling me to make sure the cooler is "cooled down" prior to icing it up, I need an Engel.

Yeti and Filson = GARBAGE

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I've been very satisfied with this $97 cooler from Walmart:

That's what i use too. If some dirtbag steals it out of my boat, no big. Keeps things cold tho in Western WA, that is easily achieved by any cooler. I will say that I bought a cheap seat kit from STP for another cooler (but still fit well enough) and now have a great boat seat.
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I own and RTIC 65 and two of their soft sided coolers. All were less than 50% the cost of the comparable YETI product and I have had no issues with all of them. They hold ice great, and keep frozen things frozen.

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