2019 Photo & Video

Chris Scoones

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Share your good photos and video here.
(continued "monthly" photo thread from the photography sub-forum)

Enjoying the drone thing. Think of my background as an old remote control model flyer at Marymoor Park in Redmond along with being a fly angler ... with a side in photography. Flew these recently.

The end of the NF Snoq, a few yards beyond the turnaround, you might recognize Bear CR that I flew a couple weeks ago.

Up the MF Snoq just beyond 8 mile you'll cross a bridge over Big Blowout Creek.

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Amazing - very pretty scenery that you presented in such a great format! Thank you!

Jim Ficklin

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Great photos by any standard, but the perspective afforded to the camera makes these, as Pat said, "Amazing!"

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