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Tim Lockhart

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Share your good photos and video here.
(continued "monthly" photo thread from the photography sub-forum)

Enjoying the drone thing. Flew these recently.

The end of the NF Snoq, a few yards beyond the turnaround, you might recognize Bear CR that I flew a couple weeks ago.

Up the MF Snoq just beyond 8 mile you'll cross a bridge over Big Blowout Creek.

Chris I believe I see your future..



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Fall on a coastal salmon river is an amazing place to be. I could have included photos of huge chinook salmon running through the rapids, seals, otters, eagle.. full rainbow overhead..but just the vibrant colors of grass reflected on the moody waters is what I look for every year to bring me back to being a kid 40+ years ago.

That was when I was too busy casting and chasing salmon to stop and see the beauty I see now.

Older is not so bad

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That 3rd photo of the fish scales is super, and even better when clicked on to make larger. Not that the first two are bad!

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