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I might be old---but I'm good.

Well I guess this is what I get for listening to rumors about where all the fish are.Fished main Stilly this morning because someone Said that they(fish) were in. My luck is still holding. It is still bad.

What sent me there was what I heard from someone at Hook,Line,and Sinker. He said that the fish were all over the place Kings,Steelhead,Sea runs. I told him you can't target kings.

I tried surface(stimulator),subsuface(something I got out of a book),and bottom(black eggsucking leech). Same luck



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As yes- fishing rumores! :BIGSMILE

For what it's worth- the spots that were producing for me the past two weeks seemed to have dropped with the water. Where'd the fish go? :HMMM
It's always worth taking a chance and finding out for yourself. I saw a few cutts in the lower north fork last week but I doubt there's very many of them yet. The steelheading on the north fork seems to have dropped off in the last two weeks or so. What general area of the main river were you fishing and how did you avoid swimmers and inner tubers?

Old Man

Just an Old Man
I might be old---but I'm good.

I was fishing that long bar down below the Town Tavern in Silvana. Well I can say that the river changed just alittle. I was suprised that no one was swimming or jumping off of the railroad bridge there. There was only one other there. The weather was hot and the water just right.

On another note. Since it costs too much to have more than one line for fishing,such as sinking fast and slow. I went out and bought one of those sinking leaders to use off my floating line. I would like to know if any body else uses them and how do they work. It's an 8'6" tapered leader.



Hey Old Man,

You attach the sink tip poly leader to your fly line (with the loops if equipped), tie on a couple feet of tippet then a fly. :TONGUE

If you want a pro's answer try asking Dana over at FlyTalk. He made an earlier post there that this was his current setup (he's been moving away from dedicated sink tips - e.g., RIO's)using instead Airflo's sinking poly leaders. Remember, though, he generally uses a spey rod. I'm also looking at going this way for my spey rods; those sink tips for the Windcutter are SOB's to pull off the bottom when spey casting.


Old Man

Just an Old Man
I might be old---but I'm good.

Thanks for your advice. :TONGUE

I was hoping for some good advice. Not from an old broken down old man. :HAPPY



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More rumors...........

A couple of sea run cutts below the flats at Deer Crk. last weekend.

This Saturday morning on the Skagit produced one small cutt but, Sunday morning was a different story. 9 or 10 sea runs from 12 to 18 inches. Nice bright, fat, and sassy, fresh from a summer of good feeding in the bays.


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Try the main Stilly in the tidewater stretch. Down along the Norman Road. Okay I'll tell you where, east of the square corner on the road about maybe a hundred yards or so there is a cattle gate. Park off the raod there, don't block the gate, ol Rod might get miffed about that. Now look for the steep trail through the blackberry down to the river. Make sure you get here at a low tide or else you are gonna be doing some swimmin'. Cross the river channel and you'll be on a sand and gravel bar. Walk upstream and across the bar, look in front of you and there's some of the prettiest cutt water on the whole lower Stilly, you can start fishing at the top of the stretch there and work your way down. Cast towards the far bank as close as you can. don't worry about the shallow water at the head a lot of cutts can be found there. have fun, don't litter and I might see you there sometime. This is my favorite August hole. Oh yea I mentioned swimming didn't I well this is tidewater and late in August we always have those 12 foot plus high tides in the late evening. Keep an eye on the river level it comes in fast and that channel that you crossed can get pretty deep quick. yea I've been stuck there till 10 at night waiting for the water to drop so I can wade back. Think I'd learn after all these years.

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