NFR Rant: I’m no huge tree hugger, but this is a crime.


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Laughed at the part “and just a bit drunk”!
Chainsaw art? @nomlasder ....something phallic maybe. This is right next to the pool gate so i imagine it would come down soon if i do something to it. The pool is opened until the end of the month.
OH @Jojo, you are not seeing a diamond in the rough! I am with @nomlasder, you have a solidly rooted Bigfoot piece of art ready to be unveiled from the tree remains.

Like Michelangelo talking about freeing David from the marble..



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First off, i want to thank all of you for understanding why this is a bitch and offering some funny and fabulous suggestions. I know in the scheme of life this is a small thing. But it’s rather turned us on our head because we found out some stuff that we were not expecting. And i no longer trust anything i’ve been told by a few people i used to think were friends.

@Jeff Peacock I lived here for about 3 years before deciding i needed to run for the board and like you, hoping to make a positive change after i saw how they were operating. At the time even though i was in my 30’s i was the youngest person on the board. It was great for a while. I ran the pool and the clubhouse and things were great until a couple of new folks got on and wrecked it all. So i quit early in my second term. But continued to volunteer. Now i’m done with that too. Until something changes.

My career was in unions and organizing and i saw this happen often. The people running for office aren’t necessarily the ones who should be serving. They get in it for the wrong reasons, because they get a chance at what they think is power and they like bossing folks around. Because these kind of people get into it it scares off the normal ones and so we are left with the folks who have some kind of chip on their shoulder or a need to feel important.

However my union work experience helps me think of creative ways to fight back. And that’s where i’m Trying to have some fun until they fucking finish this job. Then i will move on. Right now i never know if they are coming or not and when a crew will be outside my front door with that horrible noise.

@Billy McFly, that does include the stump grinding and they better the hell not take their sweet time getting it out of here. That’s where my signs will come in.


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@Gyrfalcon2015! No way do i want that staring at me when i open my front door! These guys would probably think it’s just dandy. I need something pornographic so they finish the job. Little kids have to walk by it to get to the swimming pool.


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I am so crazed by people who value concrete over old trees.

Our latest condo board is awful, autocratic, dismissive and uncommunicative, which has often happened where i live. Folks seem to get on the board because they love the power they think should come with the position of serving. (I’ve been on it myself but could only stand it for four years.)

Anyway.... how would you feel if you got only 12 hours notice that the big giant 75 year old tree (as i was told by the so-called arborist hired to cut down the tree) outside of your front porch was being cut down? (It’s confirmed that it’s a perfectly healthy tree and you can tell from the parts cut.) This tree has shaded the front of our house beautifully and has kept it very nice and cool and was a great view from our window.

And aside from that, no one thought it important to let us know that this was happening right outside our door. The chainsaws are bad enough but the chipper is about four feet from our patio.

Here is the tree Day 1 before they got started:
And then today, Day 6 of their work: Thank god we have air conditioning. View attachment 210307 View attachment 210308

I was told me the roots were getting into the swimming pool but there is no real evidence presented about that nor any lifting of the exposed aggregate pool patio. I think the REAL reason is the woman who is the condo board president for many years swims every morning. And the tree shaded the whole pool during that time she swam. She had also complained about the mess it leaves when it’s windy. I’ve been on the volunteer pool committee for 15 years and it is messy but that is not why you take down a tree.

I am also interested if anyone knows. I think this is a Western Redcedar. Does anyone know?
My sympathies. We had a similar situation. Landlords claimed it was a mistake, even though they talked to myself and another tenant about it and we said it was a terrible idea. We got no notice until the chainsaws started. The Foreman confirmed three pictures with the landlords but they now claim that the trees cut were the “wrong trees.” I saw the pictures. Now they don’t want to build a fence either.


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