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I am not really sure where to post this, so it will go here.

I am thinking about building a long 6 weight for beach fishing and some light summer steelheading. I am talking a 9'6" or 10' fast action rod. So far I am considering both the St. Croix Elite and Ultra. As well, I know Sage makes a few in the length and style I am looking for. Rainshadow has a RX7 3 piece that I would consider, but it is a medium-fast. Any other suggestions would be considered as well.

But the main part of my question is, do you guys know of any good shops in the Seattle area where I could take these rods out for a spin, without the obligation (even unspoken) to buy them? I can't be sure if I would buy that rod or even from them, and because I would be building it, they have even less to gain from it. But at least their great customer service would not go unnoticed and they would be considered higher in future purchases.

I guess this feels like a long shot because most of the shops I have been to seem to act like the whole test casting thing is such a hassle for them. But, maybe that is just me being overly sensitive. bawling:

Thanks in advance,

I urge you to look into the DanCraft FT series for this rod. I've been planning the same type of rod for awhile now, and when I get the dough and spare time, I am going to go with the FT 10' 6 weight. SUPER fast, and will throw an eight weight line with no problem. Heavy sink tips are the same. At $104.00, it's a screamin deal, and Dan is a great man to do business with. G&L FlyCraft is a sponsor of this site, and they carry DanCraft blanks. If I didn't already have a customer relationship with Dan, I would throw my business their way. John Launstein seems to really know his stuff, and gives very good advice and info.

I recommend American Tackle's Titan guides--extremely light and corrosion resistant. But not cheap. This rod will be so light in the hand, and powerful, that you'll wonder why anyone pays over $500 for a "premium" rod.

Check out the thread below entitled: "Saltwater blank for SRC."

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