Article Flying to alaska rules

Just get some of that “bear spray” that sprays lead. You know, holds 6 rounds of .44 mag. Check that at the airport. Rather have that on my hip than bear mace. Pretty sure it’s still easy to check firearms.


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Last year I did a drop camp in Alaska for a caribou hunt. Our pilot (flying a super cub) that dropped us in put my bear spray into a sealed container for the flight. I left the spray with him when I flew out for someone else to use. I didn't realize he had a small collection from other hunters and said not to buy any next time that he'll pass on a bottle from someone else.


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What air group was that? I have never had them say no. They do put fuel and spray in the floats (i cant remeber what they do with wheeled planes), but i have never had a bush pilot not allow spray. That is over the top.
I think I may have gotten that wrong. The pilot asked us if we had any before we boarded. None of us had any. I think he would have put it in the floats, now that you mention it. Makes sense.

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