Show me your Rod Boxes.


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I just had a rod break in half when my buddy who was driving slammed on his brakes and the cooler slide into the rod...
Use a rod tube. You can slide the rod in there still rigged up.
I like to use a two piece rod tube. I just take the rod in half while it's strung up and slide it in.

My Forester easily fits a fully rigged and assembled 9.5' rods with the 40 for the 60/40 split rear seat down. As I'm planning to get a truck, I've been thinking about how I'll store and secure various types of gear. Storing and carrying rods is a big downside to a truck vs SUV IMO.


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Old fashioned magnetic rod rack (Orvis). At times, four spey rods fully rigged. Easy to lift the magnets off the truck and stash when at your favorite pull out. Oddly enough, never a worry along this stretch of "S" river.

Brian Miller

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It may be hard to understand but here is a poor man's rod holder I've used for years in my SUV to drive from place to place with rigged one-handed rods. They are up out of the way from other cargo so they don't get damaged. It bounces up and down slightly but the reel slipped in between the two rear bungees holds the rods (I've had up to three) pretty securely with a passenger in the back seat. So far so good.

There are retracting hooks in the roof of my SUV on each side just behind the rear seats to connect a cargo net.
I hook two bungee cords across the hooks. I take another bungee and hook it across the rear passenger grab handles.
Rod Holder3.JPG

1. Hook the fly to hook keeper or the guide directly above the middle ferrule and reel up the line so it's nearly tight.
2. Separate the rod into two pieces with the tip at the ferrule end of the butt-handle section.
2.a Use rubber bands (or something) to hold the divided rod sections' "tips" and butt ends together.
3. Put both rod halves over the three bungees
4. Put the reel between the two rear bungees so it becomes a "stop".

Rod Holder1.JPG Rod Holder2.JPG
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I use the Brian Miller method with a slight variation. I stretch a bungee between the handles above the passenger doors. In the rear, I hang the butts from a small bungee attached to the child seat connection. Good for up to 9 ft. Spey and euro I break down and stick on the bungee.

Also, like Brian, I use a yellow bungee up front....


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I like to use a two piece rod tube. I just take the rod in half while it's strung up and slide it in.

Yup, I do the same. Sage makes a double rod case that allows me to transport 2 rods fully strung easily. Just have to be a little careful zipping it in. Safe for the car, boat, transport to the beach etc...

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I have been thinking about a RiverQuiver, however they will not accommodate trout spey rod.
the lower handle is just a bit too long. They are also fairly expensive. Might have to looking mounting something inside my canopy.


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One variation on the bungee cord carriers I used to transport a bunch of rods without tubes from Michigan to Washington:
Twist two together and then you can spread the twists apart and insert the fly rod. More twists=more rods. and the twisting tightens up the bungee cords so you get a little less bouncing. It takes a bit more to get the rod out, but if you only twist the back one and just let the front of the rod lay on top, it's not too bad.
I hooked the twisted pairs to the grab handles in front and the hanger hooks in the rear.
Saw it on youtube.


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I looked into rod boxes a year ago but they are pretty useless for two-handers. One company makes a foam insert for them but you have to break the rods in half which defeats the purpose. I've always broken rods into two pieces and thrown them in the back of the SUV. The Bungee thing also works if you have a bunch of other stuff loaded. If I'm solo, I slip the rod tips through the passenger seat head-rest to keep them from bounding around.

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Been casually shopping for a rod box for my pickup, but am too frugal to buy one.

Stumbled upon this that can be made for cheap.


What do you guys use?

So they got the rod locked in the tube but the tube is just strapped to the roof rack? Not sure that is very secure.

Mine ride on the dash to and from the river. Spot to spot I stick it out the passenger window in the summer and break in half during the winter or if I have passengers.


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So they got the rod locked in the tube but the tube is just strapped to the roof rack? Not sure that is very secure.
That makes it easy for the thief to quickly transfer the unit to his own rack. He can work the lock when he gets home.

BTW, is that a heavy duty lock on PVC?


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I built a 3-rod rack for my camper with the attached plans, with a few modifications. 5+ years and 60K miles and still working well. If someone really wants the rods, they will find a way to get in, so I'm relying a bit on my optimistic outlook on life.

IMG_1211 (3)_LI.jpg


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Better idea than leaving you reel hanging out where some jerk can steal your line; Go to Harbor Freight and buy an large size ammo box. Drill a hole just the size of the tube and where you got your plastic pipe, buy a threaded connector, insert the tube and tighten the connector (also glue it so the box cannot be disconnected), and the mount the box and tube on your car. The ammo can should have a lockable tab.

Now that doesn't prevent that same ass hat that will cut the whole thing up and take your rod but it goes a bit farther for about $6 more. Just a thought. I've seen something similar.


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Although I posted that I put my rods in the back of my car, I do it in a way similar to what Brian Miller posted. I have a wooden stick (~1/2" x 1 1/2") that I wedged between the hand holds near the roof in the back seat. Then I have a bungee cord doubled up in the back just inside the hinge area of the hatchback on my Subaru Outback. I put the forward end of a rod, or rod tube, or my wading staff on the forward wooden support and the rear end gets put in the twisted bungee. So rods can be carried outside of a case or rod tube and not be in danger of getting banged around by other gear in the back of the car.

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