Trip Report Idaho Panhandle NF Labor Day walk n wade.

Dan Sells

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Made it out to the Joe again yesterday.
My fishing buddy’s friend from college came along with us and we taught him how to Fly fish. We got there late , friends buddy made us stop so he could send work emails before he lost service. Some people can’t ever disconnect. We got to the trailhead at 10am scramble down a bank in my super secret scramble spot I found a few trips back (I’ll show you if I ever run into you there or you invite me along lol.) we cross the stream and approach the first spot in front of a log. I cast a hopper/beaded prince and got nothing , nothing, nothing. Time to change up. My buddy Dave casts in with a different color hopper and a little red and silver midge and Yahtzee! Big ol hog grabs the midge. Dave is In his first year of fly fishing and got so excited he didn’t let the fish take any line on its first real run and his knot gave. I changed to a small salmon fly with the same color midge under it and BAM. A fish hit the dry so hard it ripped my setup right off. I couldn’t even react it was so fast. We struck out for the next few spot then I saw some risers in a faster hole. I tied on a Chernobyl ant with a dropper and got a few risers but no real takes. Tied an ice cream cone blood midge thing that has done well in the past and instantly got a take. Jumped and threw the hook. Two more casts and fish on. Managed to get it in the net this time. One of the most beautiful westslopes I’ve shaken fins with. EDE6F3B1-6731-454C-BEC8-72460A2E9BF7.jpeg

We all hit the spot. All have takes I netted another juvenile and we move along. A few beers and spots later Dave was throwing a hopper dropper combo with the same tiny red midge and he hooked into his biggest fish he’s landed yet. Only fish he caught yesterday. He’s still buzzing about it. Guy was shaking with excitement when I handed him the net and told him to release his own damn fish. 959E9765-7B17-409B-B8F7-22B5EDFE7903.jpeg

After this we both focused on Dave’s friend Paul. He really got the concept of casting and trying to achieve a drag free drift. It was actually pretty impressive how quickly he grasped it. Unfortunately he’s gotta work on the stripping and reaction time. He got a lot of takes but never quite got a good set.
After a few more spots I decided to try again and I got my biggest fish if the day and the last fish any of us caught.

We hit a few more spots made our way to where the trail meets up with the river and hiked out. I got a pic of Dave and His Buddy Paul. Paul flew back to Mississippi today with a sore everything. HA. 3E4ABE45-0FC5-4C98-BDAC-FB493ECDED71.jpeg

September is public lands month. I hope to see some trip reports from the rest of you soon! Thank you and Goodnight.



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Caught my very first trout on a fly rod on the Joe, such an awesome place.

Hope to hit it again after Elk Season. Thanks for the report and awesome pictures!!

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