FS Orvis H3F 10'6" 3 weight Euro Nymphing Rod



I ended up with a bad habit of collecting euro nymphing rods and need to thin the herd and I will probably regret selling this one. The rod is in excellent shape, some soiling on cork, and scratches on the tube.

It is a great rod for euro nymphing, light indicator fishing, or dry fly fishing. Downlocking reel seat for excellent balance. Super sensitive, soft tip, strong backbone, and very accurate.

Please feel free to pm with any questions.

20190904_070603.jpg 20190904_070609.jpg 20190904_070614.jpg 20190904_070618.jpg 20190904_070622.jpg
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I have this rod. I’ve been playing with euro for the last 5-6 outings. Finally clicked and am just crushing fish. Great stick

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