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Someone out there is looking for one; I'm making one available. I just completed refinishing the frame on an 8-foot "Waterskeeter." Sanded the rust off, primed with Rustoleum HD primer, two coats of Rustoleum in metallic blue, then two coats of Rustoleum clear gloss. Includes two Waterskeeter side bags, 5-1/2' oars/locks, flotation pad. I also replaced the frame's wire lock pins and seat bolts. Pontoons in excellent shape; were stored inside and hold air. Two mesh items are in the bags; don't know if they're aprons but one can be had online for$25. Also including several hundred feet of 3/8" nylon mule tape as anchor line. I need $175 for the boat. Thanks!



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I have fished on of these for years. Great little boat! This one looks super clean. I have abused mine obscenely and its still going.


~El Pescador
great little boats. one word of advise: don't leave in the hot sun forlong periods of time. skeeters are notorious for large bladders in small skins. they will expand and blow out the skins - seen it, done it. let some air out.

this is a great looking boat and a great price

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