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see if Napoleon Dynamite and brother Kip have got that time machine worked out, epic fishing awaits !

Agree with @Lue Taylor in if you find yourself, keep to yourself, fishing for many years hopefully
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Dustin Bise

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Probably so..........can you suggest a good read?
trout fishing in america

dynamic nymphing

curtis creek manifesto

death taxes and leaky waders

the river why

visible bones

my story as told by water

mountain in the clouds

the compleat angler

trey combs steelhead fly fishing

classic steelhead flies

the complete book of fly tying


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One piece of advise you would tell a new aspiring Fly Fisherman?

Take casting lessons until casting is easier and a more natural motion that you don’t have to consciously think about.

Then hire a guide for a day for your desired type of fishing to learn some techniques.

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