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Try golf instead? If you really want to get into fly fishing, find somebody who fishes a lot and offer to drive, pay for gas, shuttle, or the beer. Row as much as they will let you and watch what they are doing.

I did this for 2 years when I was first getting started and I feel like I advanced much quicker than guys who go at it on their own.


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Join a club and go on some of their outings. We forget how to seek advice and help from those who have done it before. Will take a bit to find a good mentor, as those dudes can be bastards! But they have the goods...

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Using a fly rod is akin to a religious experience to me. Practice/fish at every opportunity. I have been at this since around the mid-fifties; even when a sore knee sidelines me on occasion, I'll still break out a rod & practice in the yard. Keep looking until you find a place you really like & enjoy; then keep at it to learn all you can about that water. Many of those lessons and all of your work with a fly rod to that point will pay dividends on "other" water. Be friendly & talk to folks you meet. My parents, aunts & uncles fly fished so I had built-in mentors, but I still took every opportunity to learn & share from & with others over the years. Tying my own flies & fishing them have become part & parcel of my enjoyment. Be ethical & have fun!


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Taking an entry level casting class was very helpful for me. Id never touched a fly rod so I took a beginner class and it set me up for success.

Having am experienced friend could serve the same purpose.

This prevented me from having bad first experiences and kept me motivated to keep getting out.

I have picked one watershed to commit too, hitting it's tributaries every weekend and it's paid off


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I took a continuing ed class on Introduction to fly fishing - it was 6 weeks i believe and included casting lessons, reading the water, knots, a bit about entomology and flies and because the instructor was a fun guy some pretty good fishing stories.

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keep your eyes open when exploring new fishing holes and your whole universe may expand- that patch of chanterelles that no one but you will ever find, the black-cap patch you can bring the kids to, the drainage that has to have some big bucks in it. Even on no-fish days there's unquantifiable value in them thar hills...


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Oh yeah, one more piece of newbie advice. DON’T fish the Yakima! I know it’s blue ribbon and has very large rainbow and yadayadayada. The Yakima for me is like a bad boyfriend. I know he’s bad, but i stick with him thinking he’s going to change and he never ever does. I hate that stingy river and i have finally broken up with it.

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