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Originally decided against posting this but I wanted this to be a thank you to the people who were involved.

The last time I went fishing was in December of 2017. We went to Ft Lauderdale and Miami to visit a friend and ended up getting a charter for the day and had fun catching groupers. Prior to this I had only made a dozen trip for some local steelhead.

From 1998 to 2012, I was averaging 60 – 80 days a year chasing Salmon and steelhead all over Washington and Oregon. Working in a very stressful environment, this was my way of relaxing. Until the joy became a chore and a headache not worth doing.
So I decided to take a break from fishing because it was not fun anymore. Every spot I visited got more and more crowded and saw less of the friendly faces.

Ran in to more unethical fisherman snagging and poaching but had the balls to sit there and dish out crap about how commercial guys were running the fisheries. Trips to the river was becoming more and more cumbersome and the fear of coming back to find my vehicle vandalized for what, a couple of dollars and some mints. So I now had to carry a gun for protection from people and no longer animals.

Got rid of the boat and a half of my reels and rods along with other fishing gear.
Really never fished for food and gave away most of the catch or released; also had a steady supply of seafood from a very generous employer who allowed us to sample fish and crab from all corners of the world.

October 3, 2018.

I received an email from my former boss who I have not really spoken with in the past three years since he sold his company and retired. The header on the email said I need a wingman to join him in a trip to the Seychelles and needed an answer soon so he can make the reservation and by the way the trip will cost you nothing.

My initial response was thanks but can’t, have too much to do at work and have huge audits coming up. He said the trip is not until March of 2019, so you have 6 months to get ready.

With all the planning and the money, he spent for the two of us to take this trip it ended up to be a disappointment for him because he got sick on another trip and was not able to make this one. It was a life threatening illness. We tried to find a backup and was very unsuccessful with only 10 days left before we had to leave. Night before catching my flight to Dubai, he found a guy to take the trip.

What this trip ended up to be was a reflection. It brought me back into fishing, meet a new friend and removed the negativity of this sport I had witnessed prior to hanging it up. This is also a thank you to the person who gave me this trip and my new outlook on what fishing was about; Thank you.

7 nights/days of guided trip on a remote island with 5-star service in lodging and fishing.


Day 1: Leave Seattle for Dubai (16.5 hrs)

Day 2: Arrive in Dubai with 6-hour layover to catch a flight to Mahe, Seychelles (4 hours)

Day 3: Spend the day/night exploring Mahe

Day 4: Catching a charter flight from Mahe to Farquhar (2.5 hours)

Meet guides and have them inspect all the gear to make sure they will stand up to the beatings from the GT’s. Followed by free DIY fishing on the island.

Day 5-10: 7:30 leave the lodge to fish the flats, and return at 5:00 PM for cleanup and dinner with other guest. (max of 10 fishermen 1 guide for 2 fishermen).

Day 11: Pack and leave for the airport (1/2-mile tractor ride to the landing strip) About 8 hours of free time in Mahe/ Victoria to shop and explore before catching our flight back to Dubai.

Day 12: Arrive in Dubai with 4-hour layover.

Day 13: Leave Dubai for Seattle

Day 14: Arrive in Seattle

Enjoy the pics.

Landing in Mahe

Charter flight to Farquhar

Getting close

Farquhar on the left

Google Map of Farquhar
Farquhar Atoll.jpg

The plane has landed

Our guides waiting for our arrival

Pilot first

Farquhar airport and our transportation.
20190315_104643.jpg 20190315_101833.jpg

Our guides.
Super friendly and very knowledgeable.


Drone shots of
Kitchen / dining room
DJI_0089.jpg Farquhar Lodge  (3).jpg

Our lodge (2 man room with tons of storage and 2 showers, one inside and one outside.
Farquhar Lodge  (9).jpg

Boat launch

The lodges pet GT's

Our boat (blue one is for staff catching dinner)

View from room

Drone shot of property
DJI_0109.jpg DJI_0082.jpg

Bluefin Trevally

Joes 1st GT

Why you need a heavy duty flats boots


Joes 2nd GT

Joes 1 meter GT

1st YF Tuna on a fly

First Bonefish

Litter even makes it to paradise

No shortage of coral

Following the ray for GT's


No shortage of turtles either. From small disc to small vw bug size.










P3091899.jpg 20190313_103445.jpg

Heading back i nafter a day of fun i nthe sun






The pets.
They know where the food is



P3080136.jpg P3080140.jpg IMG_2692.jpg P3120358.jpg IMG_0722.jpg

Back on the limo to the airport





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Awesome trip report, so many species! I'll be going there next year, can't wait.


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I've been fortunate to fish some amazing places but I suspect the Seychelles will never get crossed off my list. Thank you for sharing your experience though, and especially how it restored your love of the sport. Seems to be something about saltwater that cures such ills.


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WOW! Thanks for indulging my fantasy about the Seychelles! Great pictures - some truly amazing fish. Very well done (and welcome back to fishing)!


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Glad you got back into fishing. That is a great way to change you viewpoint. Looks like a great setup. Nice variety of fish, hope you got to sample some sweetlips and uku.


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Great pictures and report....and here I'm spending my money going to Alaska next year.....wondering if I should rethink that decision.....or not....and maybe add this one to the bucket list too!

Calico Keta

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Awesome trip report, so many species! I'll be going there next year, can't wait.

If you need any information let me know.
Flywater travel was amazing and they did a phenomenal job coordinating everything.
To do my part to Pay it forward, have few extra gear left over to share if you need it..
You will be amazed.

Calico Keta

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I will try to upload some videos of us feeding the GT's.
They are called the gangsters of the flats for a reason.

Calico Keta

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The videos I have will not upload due to the size so I will put it on You tube if anyone has interest.
Let me know if I am am breaking any rules for posting links to Youtube.

Quick story.
The GT's that hang around the lodge are free to come and go, they are not trapped. The leave every evening, returning the next day. You can not fish for them in front, and if not careful they will nip at you so .... be warned. These are like 40 lb + Piranhas.
The story is that this place uses to be a fish packing plant a long time ago. So when the fishermen would come in to unload the days catch to process , they would toss the carcass in the water and the GT's would feed on it.

They would appear every day around the same time as the fishermen would be back. So they have learned where the food was..... but the plant has been closed for over 30 years...

We feed them our Bonitos in the video below and have few other ones where they tear apart the Yellowfin Tuna carcass from the one I caught

You will see why you use a 100 -130 lb. leader to the hook.

Anyways , filmed with my phone, no editing so a lot of cussing.


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