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My kids are in sports year round these days, and I coach year round. But lately we've been really trying hard to get some time out to do our hunting and fishing.
These pics are in reverse order for some of our summer fun.

First up is humpy season - chased them a bit in the salt as well as in the fresh water. Fly gear and conventional gear. Kids had a blast - just what humpies were made for!

I took one of my daughters for some 1 on 1 dad and daughter time. She did great! Fished right through the nasty rain storms and never complained a bit. Starting to handle the fly rod pretty well.
1568055154902.png 1568055208268.png


A week earlier we took some kids from my football team out. These 2 boys have never fished before in their lives!
1568055408099.png 1568055434856.png

My son trying to show off a bit, but I wanted him to keep it in the water since we were releasing them. Took a few times before they understood that. My daughter as well below. But as you see in the pics above, they started getting the hang of it.
1568055488884.png 1568055506682.png

Out in the salt, the highlight were the crabs. Plenty of them each time we went out. Made some amazing crab chowder the other day!

We also spent some time down at my mom's ranch in Texas. They have Oryx, Fallow Deer, Red Stags, Axis Deer, and whitetail. Not my style of hunting, but cool to be out there fishing the farm ponds and have a herd sneak behind you. Felt like Africa or something.

Here is one of my daughters joining me for a sunrise adventure.

I taught them how to set some old school trot lines for catfish. Caught quite a few small cats.

Cottonmouth Water Moccasins were everywhere. Killed several. Started carrying a Taurus Judge loaded with 410 shotgun shells - they did the job well.
We shot all kings of fun guns, including a 50 cal revolver, semi-auto 12 gauge, AR, some Remington with an awesome night scope we planned to use for hog hunting, 257 weatherby magnum that had a suppresser and shot and sounded like a 22, and several others. Good times.

Went over to the neighbors pond for some night fishing action. My son fell in love with top water bass fishing!

Some nice cats!


Another decent cat for my youngest

Another nice topwater bass

And he also caught the biggest cat of the trip - though for this pond, wasn't close to the biggest...

I enjoyed finding all sorts of critters for the kids to check out that we don't have in western WA.

Our wheels on the ranch

Kids were fascinated by the cicadas all over

Before we headed to texas, we spent some time shooting some of my guns and ensuring everyone was safe and comfortable handing guns

This spot was our go-to for some of those hot July days. Swimming, kayaking, etc.

In June we spent a day fishing a favorite lake for trout and perch. Did pretty well even thought he conditions weren't great.

And there you go - a lot packed into the summer between basketball tournaments, flag football tournaments, and tackle football stuff. Glad to be able to squeeze in some quality time outdoors. Looking forward to fall!


Yard Sale

Huge Member
Way to go Dad!

As a fellow dad I thank you for coaching year round. I do one sport and can’t imagine doing more.

Brian in OR.

Active Member
What a fantastic summer doing those things with your kids. You are a great Dad to expose them to all the fun and adventures thats most kids dont get to experience.... WELL DONE

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