Experience with Fly Guides?!


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One of the fly guides just snapped off of my 5wt. As a useless millennial, I would love an app that could fix it for me.


So you poled the flats boat yourself, spotted the tarpon, and popped down to make a quick cast?

Or are we only talking about tossing a dry fly to trout across state lines? I like to visit cool places and fly fish for new species. Meeting new people and learning from a good guide makes you a better angler. In some situations a hiring a guide is not optional. Home waters are great, but so is expanding your horizons and adding a new challenge.
I don't fish for Tarpon. I don't like how they taste. YUCK!

Rob Allen

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this is purely hypothetical..

If i were rich I would spend my summers in Montana and would use guides.
My first summer i would spend my time trying guides out and when i found one I liked, who's company I enjoyed I would use that guide exclusively. Even if i wanted to go somewhere he was unfamiliar with and I would supply the lunches based on what I wanted to eat..

This probably isn't valuable information to anyone but that's the situation where i might hire a guide.. I would NOT use an app.

If i didn't like my guides boat i'd buy him or her one and forego tipping for a few years .

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