I'm not good at being irresponsible

Rob Allen

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Should i go to the Umpqua next week?

I'll have to put the whole trip on a credit card. I haven't been planning to go but we are both extremely depressed by the idea of not going and seeing our friends this year.
I've been responsible my whole life , my brain tells me not to go but I have no peace about it.

Go or stay home ?


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How much money are we talking? Any way of doing it any cheaper?


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I say go dude and then reverse save for it.Tighten your belt after the fact. Just pay off that card as fast as possible.

It’s not like you are buying another TV. Buying experiences, memories, etc. worth it in my opinion. Never know how many of those you have left.

The fact that you are questioning it makes me think you’ll be financially responsible and not put yourself in much of a hole over it....


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Sign up for a new cc first...either one with 0% apr or something with a nice sign up bonus for a few hundred bucks.

How much $$ you going to spend on pre cured eggs?

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