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Hi All,
So this will be my first fall.rainy season in Washington. Any advice for a decent breathable rain coat? I would use it for golf and fishing. Not wealthy, so any budget options?

Jim Darden

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if you find a solution, let me know. non- breathable rain gear will soak you with sweat in a minute. Gortex takes longer to get you soaked on the inside. If the rain is really heavy we call those days "double gortex" days which means you can stay out longer while getting soaked, with two layers of gortex. After 50 years of dealing with this weather, I'm not sure you aren't better with no rain gear and just a change of clothes.....you will need that in any case....good luck.....I buy the best quality gortex gear I can find, but be sure to bring the change of clothes.....


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I moved to Anacortes from San Diego a couple of years ago so this "raincoat" thing is something that I have been struggling with. The whole "breathable" thing has proven to equate to me being wet. Grundens aren't breathable but they keep me dry. 100% polyester seems to actually be "waterproof" and much lighter then "slicks". For light rain the "waterproofing" laundry stuff works fairly well for my Carhart jeans and jackets, but when out in the pouring rain for eight hours, the word "breathable" can kiss my wet behind.
Lived in the northwest 45 yrs ,for standing still or low out get thick rubber ,for easy work or walking Gortex,for hard work or continually fast pace high out just get wet and keep working till you are cold and change then start over. Sierra trading post has good prices on all that just embrace the fact you will probably be dressed wrong often for the weather enjoy


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Two raincoats dependent on the temps....
North Face Apex with liner for the cold,
Frogg Togs Toadz jacket when it's warmer.

Dustin Bise

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and dressing correct for condittions. a light thermal layer and a good gortex shell is often enough for a 40 degree rainy day of wading, but you will want to carry some sort of breathable synthetic layer as well for lunch breaks and the evenings.

when its really wet, embrace the suck and use gear that keeps you warm even once you are damp. gortex works best if your body is generating heat and your clothing is wicking it from your skin and evaporating.


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My favorite jacket is the North Face APEX Flex. Its a flexible softshell with a layer of gortex. Perfect for days when it's misty but not rainy. Not super warm either so it's perfect for a lot of movement. When it's really coming down I throw an actual shell on (just a cabelas gortex fishing shell) and I stay super dry.


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3 components : Elbow length black latex gloves (available at your favorite sex shop) -- -- scissors, a pair of large green trashbags (hoods rock).


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I am also a golfer and find that the best way to stay dry while golfing is to not. Rain jackets that will actually keep you dry mess with my swing. I wear thin golf specific ones under a large one if necessary and take the bigger off when I swing. I have yet to find a rain jacket that has the mobility needed to swing a club well in

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