FS Patagonia SST Wading Jacket Size XXL


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Lost quite a bit of weight so moved to an XL SST and my XXL is available. I’ve owned the jacket since new (3 years I believe, maybe just 2 years) and it’s been worn maybe 3 times as weather was cooperative. As a result, it’s essentially in as new condition. Has been in my gear tote or hanging in my closet, stored properly. $150 shipped and PayPal’d CONUS.FE1A559D-49A1-4390-A12D-5669DEE78083.jpegEA3A4DEE-B698-402B-9382-F210A9B2E66B.jpegB070177C-CD62-486F-B00E-CCA6884FDB51.jpeg46830B11-943F-42DE-BA6F-8A72CD3F273A.jpeg4CC01048-147E-4539-86BB-A72859F740C0.jpeg
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