FS Sage X 9140


Purchased in April 2018. Used on two trips, one to Gaula River, Norway and the other trip to Kola River and Kitsa, Russia. KonneticHD. Throws a 39 gram scandi. I used the Rio Scandi Versitip 9wt (585gr) which was recommended by Topher Browne. Slight cork soiling. Has some mojo from Gaula (2 fish a few other hookups). Blank Warranty card.

~Atlantic Salmon - Sage Fly Fish

Rod is in Vienna, Austria right now but I can bring it back to the US at some point or explore shipping. I also frequently have people here who can schlep it to the US.

Added pictures of cork grip where slight indentations occurred while transporting rod broken down while on river in Russia.

This rod just did not speak to me. Probably my fault and my weak casting. Love my Meisers and will buy one that will be suitable for large Atlantic Salmon.

$625 OBO

I accept PayPal, money order, etc. Shipping at cost.

I would also consider a trade for the right Meiser rod.


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