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Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Okay I believe all have their prints by now... Mr Paige I saw just asked for a Print of "Leviathon" , $60 I store prints in Vancouver at Jeannes and work during week days in Ellens shop building cabinets and shelves for the move...It is a 100 year old house ...so I am designing and building painted wood work to match that is the house...the old built in look...should be very nice...but it is slow...Jojo mentioned my comments she is correct but I knew that she was ...Hell, I knew...and Yes I am taking on a lot...candle both ends burnt...I will pull a "leviathan" print or order one tomorrow morning for Mr. Paige. I want to thank all for your interest and purchases. Thanks a bunch!...I will provide a better clearer interface with instructions of the process and full explanation of my shipping methods etc... I may do another classified post ...I learned from this one. I have always been the sort that "fires all of his guns at once and explodes into space..." Mars Bonfire

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Skip i am not sure what you mean by ‘try it and you might see what i mean’ or that i don’t care. Sometimes it is difficult to follow what you are talking about. My comment was more directed that maybe you don’t want to insult prospective customers by calling them ‘idiots’. (And it did not seem like you were trying to be funny. You sounded frustrated.)

But if you are in the business of collecting money and offering a product you need to be more organized and that’s on you, not the customer. Sounds like you are taking too much on all at one time. Good luck to you!
I am an artist a creative person, an emotional one...in 66 years that is not going to change...so while I get your comments you are talking to a cabbage...but that is okay , folks do not always entirely understand and jive completely.,..we good I get it...I am lost in love and my heart leads me of late and I am moving ...and getting married to to the love of my lifetime and I am kind of off kilter...it is not a lineal contract it's a magic carpet ride.


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Oops, i meant to leave in part of the quote that says : Good Luck to you and you bride to be!

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Please confirm you got your prints///I care abouit that before I delete this thread. Any that conveyed interest and did not respond...I will just delete this thread...I think I can?

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Oops, i meant to leave in part of the quote that says : Good Luck to you and you bride to be!
You had every right to critique my comments...In truth, I am on edge, I am in the greatest love of my life now...it's what I have always heard about, that amazing stuff...I am toast,,, walking on clouds and rooftops and it came at the right time....I met her 46 years ago...in college and we were and then we were not yet ready, we kept in touch raised kids , were married and had relationships after divorces later because they did not work out...multiple ones...and 3 months ago I contacted her ...out of the gate I was quite forward, both of us were out of love a while and needed more...she tells me I backed off...then in my self conscious self I got in the game again knowing how much it mattered and how much I carried a torch for her my whole life...so here we are and gotta say I feel 20 something again and she is absolutely amazing and she gets this weird arse guy and loves me and said Yes when I asked she would marry me...and I am floating...so I am a man divided by great love and a bit off kilter...that is my excuse though I have settled down a bit since that time.
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Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
Yup. I am gone

Until Now

So I took a trip through life
Wandered back and forth
With a marriage and kids
And love and strife of commitment
Learning along the way
And it took a long while
What matters most
Love is hard to explain
Intangible and can be
All encompassing
Like a blanket that warms you
When you are cold
And lacking some element
That makes you whole
So I found that
And I used to say
When asked "how are you?"
Now I say "I am great!"
That is new for me
Because I am living
In complete joy
I have found happiness
I thought i had before
But i had no idea
What that meant, until now.

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