FS Sage 5500 & 5400 Reels w/ Spare Spools


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Price reduced on 5400 to $275 shipped and PayPal’d CONUS.

5500 sold - 5400 and spool still available. Listing a very nice pair of Sage saltwater reels. Very, very nice series from Sage and at home on a single or a two handed rod. My intent was to recreate a pair of rod / reel combinations I owned at one point (890/1090 RPL’s) for sentimental reasons. A jet boat and Saracione kind of squashed the sentimentality pretty quick. The reels are 100% ready to fish.

The 5500 (10 wt) may have never been fished. I bought a couple reels from this series from a shop in CA who had received a consignment from a TX individual with several of this series and the reels had not been fished. The 5500 is one of the two reels from that purchase. Reel and spare spool have new condition SW lines on them. Will find my notes on the line specifics.

The 5400 (8 wt) came from an individual I’ve purchased other gear from and the reel is very nice. The one “flaw”, which in Bill Archuletta’s words “who cares?” when I had him reseat the drag cork (he won that argument)...is that the outbound clicker is missing on the spool with the backing. Zero functionality effect and a silent outbound click on that spool isn’t a biggie to me. Finding the reel was more important. The reel has been to Arch and is ready to fish.

Both reels feature the draw bar cork drag and are silky smooth. Both reels also interchange from LHW to RHW very easily.

Either reel & Spare Spool $300 shipped and PayPal’d CONUS. Please PM with any questions. Thanks... 29B1E837-003B-407F-95D1-8209F86EF456.jpeg 7FC33CE7-357A-4E65-AD8D-A89137BA9A6A.jpeg 0B26488F-7AD3-4C4D-9C9E-87701888E397.jpeg 9F3F8946-30AE-4063-9498-A2FBD9DA850F.jpeg 8C0901C2-B46F-4946-A0DD-9CC02ED0872B.jpeg 14C2A50F-8A5F-44C5-B890-15441707F5CB.jpeg EBCFFA39-1040-4E3D-8EF9-06BBE5DEA3D4.jpeg 1A258118-F545-4C4D-8DCA-C100F2FF803B.jpeg 81429145-8FE1-4B6F-A657-4C3E5697046D.jpeg 272A567F-636F-4001-8202-851F5824753D.jpeg 14886608-E96B-4DEB-878F-8746A310DFFC.jpeg 9CBAB95C-19F9-485A-B210-ACBC0D6494B4.jpeg E5467BBD-142C-42AE-9088-1F9699BBA79C.jpeg D74AD314-5D05-4347-9F3A-3366DC531EC0.jpeg 5E6BE6E1-9839-427E-B1BC-771BC4B004B4.jpeg
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