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After two days of floating the South Fork of the Snake with a friend from Idaho and landing 90% Browns we were beat. That's a lot of water, one section about 25 miles and not much time to stop and fish. Unfortunately I had an issue with the SD card in my camera and lost all of the photos from those two days. The next day we hiked into the Fall River just inside the park in the SW corner and had some great fishing first working downstream for a couple of miles with nymphs and then back up again using hoppers. Some nice rainbows and a few cutthroat and not another fisherman in sight. Then it was on to West Yellowstone and three days fishing the Yellowstone in the park. Absolutely incredible fishing!! There was a sporadic mayfly hatch but most of the fish caught were on small bead head nymphs. One day we each landed 10 fish and only two of them between us were under 20" with most in the 21"-23" range. It's hard to find a more beautiful fish and what they lack in fighting quality, they more than make up for it with color. In three days fishing the Yellowstone I landed 22, lost 8 and broke off 3. Pretty darn good fishing for the middle of August!









Yellowstone Cutthroat 8-28-19.jpg


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Thank you for the report and pics. I am headed there on Saturday, can't wait. Your pics helped up the excitement! You fished the Yellowstone River inside the park? Hit any other rivers?


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By the size of the fish alone I’d guess you were fishing above the Yellowstone Falls and therefore likely catching a lot of the lake-run cutties—glad to see you had such great success on what can otherwise be a difficult and frustrating fishery at times!

It amazes me how far that population of cutties has come along (for the better) in a few short years, largely as a result of the aggressive lake trout removal efforts undertaken by the Park Service and various NGOs. One of those rare success stories we can aspire to achieve in a time when we seem to be losing ground virtually everywhere else.


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Yes, downstream from the lake. Years ago when I fished it around what was then called Buffalo Ford, 30 fish days were not uncommon although a really big one in those days was 18" with most in the 14-16" range. The fish this trip were spectacular in both size and color. I think the jury is still out as to whether the Lake Trout have much to do with it and I have a hard time trying to figure out exactly where those fish below the lake go to spawn. If they do come up the river, through the lake and then into tributaries coming into the lake to spawn I guess predation on fry and juvenile fish that try to make their way back down through the lake makes sense. The Lake Trout certainly don't move down the river so that's not the issue. Regardless of what's going on, I was a happy fisherman for a few days and and now having withdrawal symptoms!

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