FS Allen Alpha 3, 7-9 Weight reel

For sale brand new Allen Alpha 3, 7-9 Weight reel. This reel is brand new never fished. Comes with pouch and original box. I have owned a few of these and they are very reliable and worth 3 times the price on this fully machined reel. The drag range is extremely long and very smooth. This reel balances all single handers, any switch rod, or any shorter spey. Spooled up with 150 yards of 30 pound backing and 100 yards of 40 pound Berkeley Big game shooting line. Allen also has excellent customer service! Also have two spoils of 30 pound backing I’ll throw in that I have no use for with 100 yards left on each. One is white and one is orange. Selling for $115 shipped/insured.

Thank you,


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